for how long can i use clomid
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kotkot - November 6

hey girls.. i have been ttc#1 for 1 year and 2 months now. after 4 months of marriage i was diagnosed with PCOS and was put on clomid for two cycles..ovulating but not concieving. that was the time when they recommend to do HSG when the test showed that both of my tubes were blocked .. next month i tried clomid 100 mg day 2-6 and i fall pregnant. i miscarried after 2 weeks ( 6weeks pregnancy) .. i paused 2 months before starting clomid another time. i am on my 3rd cycle now. i getting much more scared every single cycle. anyone have a tip about for how long can i still use clomid. my doctor says that i can have it for a year ?? plz help


T - November 6

I heard you could be on it for 6 months.


To:Kotkot - November 6

It depends on the dosage. I heard if it doesn't work for you in 4-6 months then it won't work at all on that particular dosage. Ususally your doc will increase the dose then try again for a few months. I've been on Clomid 50mg for 6 months with no luck. My doc upped my dose to 100mg and I've been on that for 4 months with no luck. At least you know you can get pregnant. It will happen again in time. Good luck to you and lots of baby dust.


Staci - November 6

They will stop you after 6 cycles, or 6 months, and try something different. I am surprise they haven't said anything to you about IUI and clomid. Hang in there!


kotkot - November 6

well ... my doctor told me that if i am ovulating at a certain dosage ( 100mg at my case) we do not need to increase the dosage even if pregnancy doesnt occure, increasing the dosage while ovulating on the lower one will have bad impacts on ur utirine lining preventing full implementation. so as iam ovulating at the 100 mg i really do not need to increase the dosage. yeah my doctor has told me that i can use clomid up to 1 year .. when i was to this form i heared every body talking about 6 months .. anyway it is my most fertile day (iam on cd15) and i have lots of blanck discharge.


kotkot - November 6

for you staci.. since when you have been trying. have you ever concieved using clomid? wish you luck


To:Kotkot - November 6

How do you know you've been ovulating on Clomid 100mg. I'm assuming your doc sent you for blood work for a followup?


Staci - November 6

This is my first round of clomid and I am waiting to ovulate. I am on cd 11 and no +OPK. A line but not as dark as the reference line. My ob/gyn is not monitoring me because she does not specialize in infertility.
She usually refers people to an RE. The RE that she is refering me to is conducting a study for PCOS some time in the next month or two. They told her to put me on clomid 50 mg and see if I ovulate and get pregnant in the mean time. So I am sitting here in limbo while I wait for the study to begin. When asking questions about clomid, the RE said that they personally do not continue clomid for more than 6 cycles. They say if you haven't gotten pregnant during that time then they need to move on to a new drug, or drug combo. Have you thought about trying femara? It is an ovulatory inducing drug as well. As for TTC, Hubby and I have been TTC for a year now. I am very sorry about your miscarriage, but it is also a positive sign. You can at least get pregnant. Did they figure out why you miscarried? I know with PCOS we have a lot higher risk due to our lack of proper progestrone production. I wish you the best of luck!


kotkot - November 7

hey statci.. thanks for replying.. for the first question. i know that iam ovulating cause i do visit my doctor at day 13 .. he did a sonogram test in which he figured out that the size of the follicle is big enough (22.8 mm last time) .. that's a clear indication that you will be ovulating one or two days after .. the days in which i concentrated doing intercourse.
for the misccariage .. well i did all the relevant blood tests (toxoplazma and many other sets of tests) and they all came back to be negative.. my husband tests were ok also . so that was under the unexplained category. as i told you .. today is my cd16 , i believe i have ovulated yesterday.. watch the blank discharge that may be a direct indication of ovulation. i hope this round will be succesful but iam not hanging huge hope.
i wish you best of luck and dont get worried .. it will happen for all of us .hope we will keep on touch to share the research results. baby dust to you all


kotkot - November 7

another thing stact for the ovulation test. it is too early , do not get upset.. i ovulate usually on cd15 .. do not give up!!


Staci - November 7

Thanks Kotkot. Another negative one as well. I guess I will be one of those that ovulates later on clomid. They had me start on it cd 1-5 and said to start testing early. So hopefully I will ovulate period. Wish they were monitoring me, but then I would have to pay. :(


kotkot - November 8

hey staci .. wish you all the luck. i do not know if you are the same staci writting in another forum in this website, but i have read what you have posted about the miscarriage of one of your relatives.
well... i do agree with every single word you said, do not tell any body untill the first tremester passess safely. this is my advice . the first thing i worried about when i miscarried was hoe could i bear re-teeling the story of miscarriage to the dozens of people who were informed that i was pregnant.
i wish you wont face any difficulties. keep on touch.


kotkot - November 16

hey girls.. what is going on with you?
i am expecting my period on sunday. hope that this will be the month for all of us! anything new?
wish you all the luck



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