For Grandpa Viv
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wishing - June 21

does green tea really help you get pregnant?? do you have any info on this?? thank you!


bump - June 21



nancy - June 21

kindly look for the thread can green tea can see info there


ADR - June 21

thanks for the "kind reminder" but i wanted to ask the question specifically to grandpa viv as you can see by the title of the post...thanks anyway


to adr - June 21

you are rude, nancy was only replying to help out.and by the way who the heck is grandpa viv? havent seen anyone in this forum with that name.


ADR - June 21

I dont believe that I was being rude at all. The question was for grandpa viv. If anyone else has some knowledge on this subject that would also be nice. But when people post to "kindly remind" me to look at some other posting and it wasnt the info i was looking for or advice...kind of frustrating


Nancy - June 21

ADR I just wanted to help....coz i read your question and nowbody even bother to answer you and i even bump the thread "can green tea help" for you. We are here to help one another and if the info i gave you is not the info your looking for and it frustrates you..then it's ok.....i've been here in the forum for a long time and never seen a name like granpa decided to share the thread i read and maybe can answer your question.


ADR - June 21

Sorry-did not mean to sound rude. I see a lot of posts on here with a "grandpa viv" answering them. Also, if you go to the forum signs of pregnancy.u will see a thread "who is grandpa viv?" I did not mean to be rude..just seeking further info on the subject. Thank you for trying to help and Baby dust to you!!! =)


Drew - June 21

Hi ADR, maybe in the mean time try looking on google at "green tea and conception". I found some info there on the subject. Maybe you can explain grandpa viv to us because none of us have ever seen it, I'm curious! Thanks!


to adr - June 21

grow up! it is a free for all forum not just for who you felt selective to answer your question, we are all here to help each other!


TO everyone about grandpa viv - June 21

He is an old guy who usually stays at SIGNS OF PREGNANCY and answers a lot of questions. He knows a lot... He also has his own website. WISHING, we are here for support. I havent seen grandpa viv on PROBLEMS GETTING PREGNANT forum. If you want only his answer just go to the other one and he will answer it for you, BUT PLEASE dont be mean, we are trying to help here...


melissa - June 21

i agree with you "to adr".....we should be happy if someone answer our questions. Good that there is someone like nancy who is willing to share what she knows. ADR / wishing you should not be in this forum...because you cannot select people who will answer your question, that's why it's called forum anybody can share idea but it seems u don't appreciate the effort of other people helping you.


problems getting pregnant.... - June 21

is the name of this forum. A forum is all about idea sharing between EVERYONE!! grandpa viv or what ever does nt come here so if u want to talk to him go back to the forum he is on!!!


christina - June 21

melissa i totally agree with you, good points.and problems getting pregnant.


ADR - June 22

WOW! Thanks to all that attacked me! this doesnt mean anything to you guys but i am very upset and desperate to have a baby...just like all of you! The only thing meant by the post to nancy is that i had already read the post the was referring me to and i just wanted some addition info...i did not know that grandpa viv did not come in i feel so unwelcome...=( baby dust to you all anyhow...


problems getting pregnant - June 22

ADR, I didnt try to make it unwelcome, I just wanted to explain where you can find him and if you wanted only him to answer, just say in the post, so other nice people who are trying to help wont spend their time. I wish you the best and may God bless you with a child.


ADR - June 22

hey "probs getting pregnant" Thanks. I guess I just need to be a little bit more clear in my posts. I honestly did not know that gpa viv did not come in here so if i offended anyone i am truely sorry. "Probs getting pregnant"how long have you been TTC?? any medicines you have tried? Baby dust to you! =)



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