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kim - June 27

hi drew, i just read on one of the other girls posts that you said that you can take clomid even if you are ovulating. is this true? i have been charting my bbt's and cm for this whole month, finally (after 6 months ttc) and i haven't noticed any changes in either. i'm going to my dr this coming monday to talk to her about this. how will she be able to tell if i am indeed o'ing (or not) and will she put me on something even though i've only been trying for 7 months? i've read in books that they don't do anything until you've been trying for a year unsucessfully. thanks for any input!!


Drew - June 27

Hi Kim, all I can tell you is what I've been told myself. I live in Canada, and here they don't consider you for infertility treatments till 1year of trying with no luck. But thats not to say that they won't do it, many factors play a part in that decision. Now to find out if your ovulating, your doctor will do a blood test on a certain day of your cycle. I don't know much about that cause my gyn wants to just try the Clomid for 3 mos without the blood work. They can also do ultrasounds. But when it comes to the tests for ovulation you'll have to ask someone who knows all about it. From what I was told by my gyn, you can still go on Clomid if you are ovulating. It encourages the follicle and egg to mature, and be able to promote conception. When you go to your appointment take all your charting, and dates, length of your cycles ect. with you. It's a good idea to take notes of the questions you want to ask, cause sometimes your so overwhelmed at your appt. you may forget what you want to ask. Hope this helps you, I know this is all very confusing, but it does get easier. Good luck to you!! :)


kim - June 27

thank you so much for your super fast reply!! i'm from canada too. that's a total bummer that they don't do anything for a year! i've seen her so much since i started ttc that maybe she'll get tired of seeing my face and help me out before the year is over. although, if i wait i'll get the fall baby i wanted in the first place!! are you pregnant right now or are you ttc as well? anyways, thanks again for your help. kim.


Drew - June 28

Hey Kim, no problem! Don't rule out the possibility that because it hasn't been a year they won't consider it. Like I said, there are other factors that may play a part. If I am pregnant its early. I'm on cd 23, so I'll know in a week or so. Hope I've helped a little!


Lena - June 28

The clomid-associated bloodwork is to access your FSH levels pre and post clomid. Its how the doctors can tell if your body is reacting to the clomid or if your ovarian reserves are too low for clomid to effect. This can be a problem for the 35+ gals. Your doctor may elect to wait on the test if you're in your 20's.

Clomid is approved for use on nonovulating and ovulating woman. Clomid stimulates your ovaries to produce more than one follicle and the more follicles you produce the more targets for the sperm. Optimally, clomid will produce 3 or 4 follicles. Any more than 4 follicles is discouraged because of the increased risk of multiples.


kim - June 28

thank you both drew and lena! i feel so much better. drew, i hope i see your name with a bfp attached to it really soon!! lena, baby dust!!


Drew - June 28

Thank you Kim, you won't be far behind!! And thank you Lena for filling in the gaps! I only know what I was told. Good luck toy you both!!



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