For all you women trying for 6 months +
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Effie - October 10

For all the women who have been trying to conceive for 6 months or longer, my advice to you is to go to an RE after you hit the 6 month mark. If you are having sex every other day during your fertile time with no success, go to the dr. No reputable Dr. is going to tell you to come back in 6 more months if you are under 30. If you know your body is messed up, irregular periods, spotting, etc...please do yourself a favor and go. I tried for 8 months, 6 or those really trying. I just turned 30 a few months ago and went to my RE recently, and now we are working together to get me pregnant. Just some helpful advice! Good luck to us all! Baby Dust!


S - October 10

My doctor told me that the medical community does not worry until one year and that I have to wait 3 more months to see anyone


me - October 11

I guess every dr is different. Couldn't hurt to ask or try right?


k - October 11

I told my doc after 4 cycles of not getting prego that I was worried about not being able to conceive. She has been awesome! My cycles are still screwed up but she is sending me to a specialist after our next appt in november. IF a doc is ready to take you seriously find another one! ~baby dust!~


Finally - October 11

You guys may think i'm crazy but I just have to share my story and maybe it will help others. I felt for sure that I couldnt have kids, it was devistating, my ex and I tried for 2 and a half years, and we couldnt get pregnant, he left me and went and had a kid on his own. So I knew it was me, then my current boyfriend, we tried for 1 year and a half and I started giving up, and just planned on adopting in the later years. Then on the local news, there was a story about a woman who was in the same situation and her husband and her were trying for years, and they couldnt conceive. Now I'm not certain as to where the idea came from, I'm thinking her doctor, but she took Viagra during her ovulation period and of course had intercourse, and she became pregnant. I think they said it had something to do with the blood flow, But anyways, so I'm thinking to myself, why not give it a try, couldnt hurt. Well now i'm 5 months pregnant and the most excited mom-to-be ever. You may think that its crazy but it wouldnt hurt to give it a try, I think it worked for me and her, so it may work for you.


Kerry - October 11

My gyn did!! Been trying for 2 years after depo, only been bleeding regular a year tho ( 26/27 day cycle) and instead of testing me for anything, different doc suspected cysts in Feb, she keeps tellin me its my age (31!!) we need to do it every other day, and I should give it another year?! I am so furious, my af is due 16/17 oct and if it comes then I am going back to my doc for a second opinion cos i dont think its right I been waiting a year already and told to wait another year with no actual investigation into me being unable to conceive.....have 2 children already with ex husband and conceived them no problems.


Helen - October 11

To Kerry, I would seek the advice of another doctor. I have just come back from a routine check up (only been ttc 4 months) I am 30 and she said if nothing has happened in the next couple of cycles to go back for test, which will be 6 months. She was very supportive and understanding, which is very hard to find in a doctor I know but if you are not happy look else where, you have the right to do that. Good luck. I am in the uk so I dont know the procudure in other countries.


To S - October 11

If you are not getting adequate treatment or think you are irregular in any way, I would get a second opinion. Are you using an RE or just an ob/gyn? As soon as my dr thought something was up she sent me directly to the RE. My ob/gyn didn't do any testing or anything and the RE agreed that waiting longer than you think you need to is a waste of time. Maybe try to find an RE or if your are already with an RE, get a second opinion. Like me said, every dr is different, so you may have better luck with someone else. Just a thought.


sm - October 11

I have NO problem getting pregnant unfortunately have m/c problem. However i know that it is important to get to the starting line (well 2 pink lines actually) and over my period of ttc'ing i have used opk's and found that having sex on the opk positive day and day after results in negative, having sex for the next 4/5 days after has resulted in 1 chemical preg, 2 m/c's and one currently on the go. So i think that the opks pick up the LH surge earlier than what is commonly thought and it is a good idea for all ttc'ing to continue having sex for quite a few days after the positive. Good luck to all.


kerry - October 12

Thank for doctor referred me to a gyn and its the gyn who keeps telling me to wait another year we dont need to scan you etc etc......whats an RE???? Sorry!! I am in the UK Helen, so any advice on medics much appreciated! Like I say.....AF should be here next week then I will go to my doc and say I am not happy with the treatment I havent had and am not prepared to wait any longer for investigations to be made...........getting myself all siked up here!!!!!!


HELEN - October 12

To Kerry, this was a normal gp I saw about getting the flue jab! She looked at my notes, saw I was off b/c and asked if I had any questions and she took it from there. So this wasn't any kind of referal at all, but she made a note to schedule tests for December time. She was the most approachable gp I've ever talked to and felt relieved that if nothing happens I know that we won't have that long to wait. I would definatly seek a different opinion, if you don't ask you won't get. Best of luck.



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