foods...just wondering....
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HotRodGurl - October 13

Ok, now I heard of not wanting to eat your fave foods you usually like if you're pregnant but, what about eating the foods you normally don't like? one time for example, the other day I went to my parents for dinner and they had meatloaf, mash potatoes, and spinach....ok, normally when they have that I just really eat the mash pot. maybe a little meat loaf but never spinach...I hate spinach with a passion. But for some reason I was craving that for two days and when I went over there I had almost a full bowl but, like 30 min to an hour later I felt kinda this normal? just wondering...


Toni - October 13

Where are you in your cycle?


HotRodGurl - October 13

I'm on day 30 i think my cycle is 31 days but I'm not sure considering I've never had a regular cycle. but according to the doctor that's when I supossed to start tomorrow in fact.


me2but not pg - October 13

Have you taken any additional meds this time you never took before? I was on clomid and injections and I ate foods i never would have eaten before. I'm not pg this month but it was the strangest month for my eating. I love chocolate and hardly ate it and like you I ate spinich which I dont like and onions. I hope you pg keep us posted


HotRodGurl - October 13

me2but not pg, The dr. gave me Provera to start my cycle on the 1st then I finished it, on the 5 day of my cycle I started 100mg. clomid finished it on the 9th day of my cycle, but, I'm supposed to be taking 2500 mgs. of metformin but, I stoped taking them at 1500 mgs. cause I couldn't handle the side effects..I've been off everything no meds. or anything for almost 2-3 weeks...I know ob is gonna be mad at me for stop taking the metformin, but, I can't function on them..I've already missed too much work as it is being sick on, I stop them. oh well...I took a pg test this morning and it was neg. but, my af isn't supossed to arrive until tomorrow...but, we'll see. I see the dr. on the 25th for a follow up.


Mindi - October 14

You should talk to d in the thread "Ovulation Kits." She has been eating spinach like crazy. Maybe there is a BFP in your future.



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