FOOD to eat or not to eat...
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Mega - December 1

I just found a good article on things to drink while you're preggo, other than just water.


annette - December 1

i have heard that u should stay away from pineapple if ure pregnant. also, they say carrots are good during ovulation time.


Mega - December 1

Really? I'd heard the opposite about pineapple. I'd heard the selenium in them are good esp. around implantation time, so I've been chowing down on pineapple lately. Just in case.


Mega - December 1

Annette, I just went online & confirmed what you said about pineapple. Well, now I know! Thanks!


beth - December 2

mega-i went in for my transfer today and completely forgot to ask about lactaid. but i asked my friend who recently had a baby and she said she hadn't heard of any problems with lactaid and pregnancy. hope this helps.


Andie - December 16

Don't know if any of you are still checking this, but about not eating soy...I found out why! It's because soy causes our bodies to create estrogen, so this can obviously affect hormones. For the person who said their dh wouldn't give up soy protein, maybe you could tell him it creates a female hormone in him! I don't know if that's true in men though, jk!


Mega - December 16

Hi Beth. Thank you for the lactaid info. I'd imagine like your friend said, there really wouldn't be a problem with it, it's regular
milk just minus an enzyme. Good luck to you in your 2 WW after the egg transfer. Andie, I recently read the same thing. Very interesting. From what I've heard, soy is esp. a problem for women carrying a boy. Messes with their sex organs--whoops! Just for fun I may tell my DH to watch out, he might grow breasts after eating soy. Ha, ha, ha. LOL.



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