FOOD to eat or not to eat...
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T - November 23

Sorry Andie its me again, i just wanted to also say that I have a cup of tea or coffee each day to but no more and then i only drink water but i've been told that a cup of tea or coffee a day is fine. Best of luck!


Andie - November 23

T, did you get af on all 10 rounds of clomid? Clomid stopped working for me after 2 rounds, do you know why it would stop? You're lucky your body still o's so you get a chance to make a baby! I've heard if you are overweight or underweight it makes it harder to get pg. I'm about 5-10 lbs more than I should be so I'm going to try to lose weight before my specialty dr. appointment in February -so long away!! :(


T - November 24

Hi Andie, yes, I bled for 9 of the 10 rounds of clomid so I guess I was lucky but the only thing that was frustrating about it was that each month got later and later and I was never able to pinpoint when I was ovulating. Maybe for you its just a case of that clomid isn't for you, you should speak to your RE about seeing what other options are out there and maybe trying something else. You mentioned being slightly overweight, I wouldn't worry to much about it, i was about 5kgs more than what i wanted to be so i just started walking 30 mins monday-friday and tried eating really healthy and i ended up losing the 5 kilos which was great but i've been a little bad over the last 2 months and i think i've put on 1kilo or 2, but Andie don't worry, everything will be ok. you've got your appt next year, start writing down any questions that come into mind and ask your doc them which is exactly what I'm going to do. Good luck to both of us! :)


opy - November 26

someone mentioned no herbal teas, is green tea a herbal tea? I use the decaf and have only started drinking it as the cooler weather came about us. I dont drink any other coffees or teas or pops.should I stop my decaf green tea. (ttc 10months)


To Opy - November 26

I heard Green Tea is good for pre-ovulation but should be avoided after. Since it may and I say may cause early mc. I'm not sure. I used to drink decaf. Green tea but stopped when I heard this. I just thought you should know.


beth - November 27

has anyone heard anything about soy products? i am a vegetarian and i eat alot of soy and the other day, someone on tv. made reference to soy being bad for pregnant women. any ideas?


Andie - November 28

I just read last week in the dr's office in Conceive magazine that soy products should be avoided (their ex. were soy milk and edamame if I remember correctly). T-thanks for your information and well wishes. I'm going med free for 3 months, but we'll still "try" by bd'ing weekly just in case!! :)


Mega - November 28

Really? I didn't know that about soy products. I'm lactose intolerant & usually only buy soy milk. Does anyone know if Lactaid milk is okay in pregnancy? I'd imagine it would be since I believe it's just milk minus the lactose enzyme. But I'd like to be sure before I get pregnant.


to Andie - November 29

I have recently heard also about that conceive article about soy. The gal that mentioned it to me said any soy products for men also should be avoided but she couldnt remember why. My dh drinks it in protein shakes and I told him about it and basically he poo poo'd the idea and will continue to drink it. Unfortunately we have male factor problems and I'm thinking maybe this is the reason. If you find the article can you inform us with more details? I have never even heard of that magazine.


Andie - November 30

I don't know where to get the magazine, Conceive...maybe at the library or a large supermarket? I remember it was on a upper left page...visual memory...


Mega - November 30

I would imagine big book stores would carry Conceive. Also, next time you go to your OB or RE's office, check their mag. rack. My RE has that mag. in all their exam rooms. I've never read through it though. So, no one knows about lactaid being safe in pregnancy?


choo choo - November 30

mega mega mega :) andie andie andie :)


beth - December 1

Mega-Have you googled lactaid and pregnancy? I haven't heard anything about it, but I would definitely do all the research you can, first. I guess I am at a place now that I don't want to do anything that I could blame myself for later. I go for embryo transfer Friday and I'll ask my dr. about it. I'll let you know.


choo choo - December 1

SICK! :)


Mega - December 1

Thanks Beth. I appreciate that. And I'll also google lactaid & see what I find there. I'm such an obessive net researcher, I google everything it seems but I haven't done that search yet. :) I've been avoiding milk now, since I'm in my 2 ww, which isn't hard for me to do anyway. I've got calcium in my prenatals & I love cheese so I'm covered for now. But it would be a good thing to know prior to that BFP.


Mega - December 1

I just found a good article on things to drink while you're preggo, other than just water.



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