food and fetility
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Suzie - January 29

Is there a special diet that can help to increase fertility? I would like to know if there are some foods that I should avoid etc. I just found out that drinking milk is not good


wendy - February 6

a good diet helps, avoid alot of greasy foods and eat lots of fruits and veggies, and eat lots of oysters, and if you dont like them just hold your nose and swallo whole. they have lots of zinc in them and, you should take the vitamin zinc b/c it has alot to do with your reproductive organs, read the lable too, it tells you. and good luck!!


amy - February 6

I can't afford to buy oysters every now and then so I opted for a zinc supplement. Every morning I drink one capsule of zinc, one capsule of iron and then a general pregnancy combined vitamin with everything else in it. Also got my husband on supplements, including the zinc.


Angela - March 1

Feed your husband eggs and lots of them it increases sperm production and it works. We were told we would never have children a friend told me this now we have 3. He had a low to no sperm count so go shopping it works!!!


michelle - March 2

thanks for the egg advice, i have a friend who is also trying and her husband has a very low sperm count and she also doesn't ovulate, i will tell her about the eggs.


karen - September 9

i don;'t think do



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