Follistim stories/info
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Tink - October 27

I am starting it tonight. first injectable cycle. i've done 2 IUIs so far. one with 100mg clomid and the second with 50mg. I had done 4 cycles of clomid only last year. i respond well to clomid and had 7 follies both IUI cycles and post u/s showed 4 eggs released both times. but thin lining and no luck. i am doing low dose of the follistim, 100 iu for 4 nights. what side effects do you experience? I had the hot flashes, headaches and overall tiredness with the clomid. i just felt gross overall. I heard the follistim won't be as bad? any thoughts or experiences? i am nervous, but very hopeful, especially since i just had a lap a week ago with some mild endo removed and 2 cysts removed. he let me jump right back in though, which i am glad for!


Lynn - October 27

i have done 3 cycle of follistim. 1 w/IUI and 2 natural. it is very much better than clomid. i got pregnant on IUI cycle but it ended in an ectopic. after last failed cycle, we were taking a break....i got pregnant without medication. good luck.



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