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Denise5102003 - January 10

Hi everyone,

This is my first month taking Follistim injections. I started last thursday. From thursday - sunday I was taking 150. I went in on Monday for an ultrasound & b/w and my doctor told me i was progressing but slowly so they increased me to 300. I went in for my other ultrasound and b/w today, I should hear back by this afternoon. By this time what should my follicle size be? I was told it should be between 1.8 & 2.0cm? Is that normal or am I way off? this is my 7th day, how long can I take injections this month before I take the trigger shot? This is all so new to me. Has anyone out there gotten pregant the first month they were on injections?

The reason for me taking injections along with IUI is because my husband has abnormally shapped sperm. His other numbers are fantastic. We are trying to boost my fertility to counterpart his issue.



Mega - January 10

Hi Denise. What sizes were your follies at your last u/s appt.? The 1.8 & 2.0 cm sizes you mentioned in your post are usually the size my RE triggers me at, though where I'm from they use the mm measurments. I believe 1.8 cm translates to 18 mm, 2.0 to 20 mm. At day 7 of Follistim it's not that unusual to not quite be at the trigger range, however with 300 ius of Follistim I wouldn't be surprised if you were big enough to trigger by now. That's a high dosage, probably will speed things up a bit. I used Follistim for my 1st IVF cycle, & like it much better than the Repronex I used for IUI injectibles. I responded well on 150 IU of Follistim, I was on it for 10 days I think. I'll be using it again for my 2nd IVF cycle hopefully in Feb. of this year. My DH has the same male factor issue as yours, morphology--very low in our case though. We ended up doing IVF-ICSIs but I've heard of IUI working on morphology issues too. So good luck. May I ask what % morph your DH has? Just remember follies grow at different rates, so you're probably okay. Please post back when you hear from your dr. Good luck!


Denise5102003 - January 10

Hello Mega. When i went this morning at a quick glance it seems as the lead follicle is at 1.68cm and thee was one at 1.3cm and one at 1.17cm. I have only been taking the follistim at 300 for 2 days. My doc told me i would prob have to come in for one more ultrasound on Friday so I am assuming by then things will be better and I can trigger friday night? I have 4 follicles on the left and 2 on the right. I belive my husbands morphology was 3%. My re said his other numbers were fantastic which made us a good candidate for IUI. He has already seen a urologist and we know he has a very tiny varicole, but the doctors dont want us to operate just yet. I concieved on my own without any "assistance" last year but unfortunatly i misscarried but the fact that i got pregnant on my own gives me some hope.


Mega - January 10

Hi Denise. I'd definitely say you're right about being ready to trigger on Friday. The lead follie is getting quite close. And the 1.3 cm follie also should be nice & mature by Friday. Your follie count is very good for IUI, so that's great. I'm sorry too about the m/c, but it definitely means you can get pg so yeah, you have a lot of reason to be hopeful. In addition to my DH's 1% morph, I also have PCOS which makes me a tricky case too. I had a m/c last month from a FET, but like you I'm relieved to know I can get pg so I'm hopeful too about future success.


Denise5102003 - January 10

Its nice to have other people to talk to that can relate. when we first heard about my husbands sperm we thought it was the end of the world, but when i found out that that was his only issue was in a way relieved. So far all of my tests have come back fine. I had a HSG test done and had a lap done to remove an adhesion that was found after my D&C. It is awful to have a miscarriage but it gives us hope that if we got pregnant once before, it can and WILL happen again.

Thanks for filling me in on the follies, i honestly had no clue what was good or bad. when i saw 1.68 i thought it was awful but then i realized that 1.68cm must not be the same as 16mm.


Mega - January 10

It's confusing when our RE's have different methods of measurement, but if I'm right math wise I think 1.68 CM is similar to 16 mm, but that's not bad. Follies grow 1 to 2 mm a day per my RE, don't know what that translate to CM wise but at any rate 1.68 cm or 16 mm is GOOD for only day 7 of stims. And again using mm (b/c that's what's familiar to me), you trigger at 19 to 21 mm, or I guess around what 2 cm or so. So you should definitely be trigger ready Friday. This board has been a huge help for me support wise. Yeah I was devistated at 1st when we learned about my DH's morph as well b/c we'd been addressing my PCOS it didn't occur to me that we'd have male issues as well. But at that time DH's morph was slightly better than now, 5% & like your DH, his count itself was very high so that bode well for us too. I think in a lot of ways, it's easier to circumvent male factor than most female issues, we're more challenging I guess. How long ago did you have the lap? That's said to increase fertility a bit for up to 6 mos. Anyway I hope that info above helps, & I didn't make things more confusing. I can't wait to hear how Friday's Follie Check goes.


Denise5102003 - January 10

I am so sorry your miscarriage. I just re-read your post and i saw that you miscarried a month ago. How are you doing? What does FET mean? How was your husbands morphology able to get better? I would love for my husband not to have surgery. Our doctors seem to think that since his other numbers are fine that the surgery can wait until i get pregnant since it takse 3 months recover. I had my lap done in November. We started trying again in December with our first IUI but that didnt work. This is the first IUI im going to do with injections.


Mega - January 10

Thank you. I'm okay actually, at least doing so much better. I'm ready to start trying again really. A FET is another type of IVF, but using frozen embies instead of creating new ones. I got lucky & had 7 left over from my 1st cycle. Actually my DH's morph got worse down to 1% from 5% originally & I honestly have no clue why that is. Well actually we did have one SA where it was 0%, then climbed up to 1% in a month so that is making progress I guess. But also made my decision to switch to IVF a lot easier. I never actually had my DH get checked out by an urologist (well for fertility reasons at least), so that's good at least that you know what is causing your DH's issue. I've heard some great things about that surgery, I post with someone else who's DH had that done I believe, & she's now 8 mos. pg. But if you're ready now to be a mommy, definitely sounds like you're taking the right path by doing IUI. I'm not sure how truly helpful it is, but I've had my DH on a vitamin "cocktail" for several months now which probably helped up bring it up from 0 to 1% last summer. Vitamin E, C, Zinc, B12, and a men's multi. So, it hasn't been that long since your lap. Good! I do think there's something to those success stories of a BFP shortly after a lap. Sorry your 1st IUI didn't work, but as frustrating as it is, this is a #'s game. Most IUI successes happen around IUI #3, per my dr, but of course it can take more or less than that too. Just an average. But the odds are higher on injectibles too than Clomid. I've got my fingers' crossed for you this cycle. So I guess Sun. is probably your IUI date, right? Where do you live, if you don't mind me asking? I'm in Ohio.


Denise5102003 - January 11

Hi Mega
So when does your new cycle begin? Im pulling for you. My doctors office called yesterday with the results from my b/w and ultrasound. I am responding much better to 300ius rather than 150. I have another ultra sound and b/w on Friday so hopefully by then i will be good to go. THis month has been a bit stressful for me. One of the admins that I am friends with told me she was pregnnat, i wasnt too upset since i dont really speak with her. But my other friend who is also an admin that i work with, we have been ttc together and yesterday she took a home pregnancy test and low and behold she i pregnant also. She has only been trying for 5 months! I am very happy for her but also jealous. They have this little pregnancy club going on now and i feel like im not a part of it. I hope this IUI works for me this month, its goign to be hard to be around them if I am not pregnant. I live and work in New York! :)


Mega - January 11

NY, cool! It's rough when everyone around you seems to get pg so easily, it does feel like an exclusive club. I'm sorry, that can feel like a sock in the stomach when people around you are celebrating BFPs. I hope this is your lucky cycle & you join "the club" soon. Thanks! I'm still waiting for AF, I think the m/c made me not O this cycle, so my dr has me on Prometrium, I have 4 pills left so hopefully AF will come next Monday or Tues., then I start BCPs the day AF comes. I figure late Feb is when I'll have the ER & ET. I'm so happy to hear that you're responding much better to the higher doseage of Follistim. Sometimes that's all it takes, a higher dosage. Good luck tomorrow with your next (last?) follie check!


Denise5102003 - January 11

New York is fun. I work in the building where the apprentice use to be taped. During lunch I would see George and the Donald all the time. Its so funny how people who dont live here are so fascinated by the building.

I hate being jealous because its not like me but i am. I wanted to be the one to run home to my husband and family and tell them but I guess all in good time. When I had my miscarriage & D&C it through my cycle up in the air. It took a good two months for me to get back on track. Feb is right around the corner though so you should be good to go soon. Im excited but nervous about my appt tomorrow.


Mega - January 11

Oh wow, that's so neat, working in the "Apprentice" building. :) I never watched that show though but I can picture it from ads, etc. Yeah, I hate the jealousy part myself. It's usually fleeting for me. But it's natural I think to feel a little pang at first. I know so many people already TTC #2, & I still don't have #1. But what can you do?! I didn't have a D&C, though I have heard it messes your cycle up for awhile. I think for me, my body is just reverting to old habits, the PCOS habit of not Oing. Yeah, tomorrow should be an exciting appt, getting the go ahead to trigger. I'm eager to hear how big they end up on the 300 iu.


babybaby - January 11

Hi Denise and Mega, how are you? I'm starting injectibles this month, but I'm doing 5 days of femara and 5 of Gonal-F then IUI. This will be my 2nd IUI and I really hope it works. I was wondering if I could join you guys here since you 2 seem to know a lot about the shots and I'm just staring them tomorrow. About me: I'm 25, dh is 29 we have unexplained infertility, everything seems fine but we just don't get pg. We have bee ttc for 18 months now. What is you guys' story and experience? Should I have high hopes with the IUI? Last month I was only on Femara and it didn't work so I'm hoping that the gonal-F will help me this cycle! Thanks and good luck!


kl99 - January 12

My Husband also has morphology issues with his sperm. He is at 20%. His count is OK, still in the normal range, but on the low side, I can't remember the exact number. He is going on the 23rd to have the test done, where they see if his sperm can penetrate hamster eggs. DId either of your husbands have this done?? The doctor put me on Clomid, my estrogen level was low. I was really suprised since I have a regular 28 day cycle, he also put me on Parlodel, he said my prolatin level was a little high. I will be starting the clomid on my next cycle, which will be next week. I am hoping that by getting my hormone levels ideal that it might just make the difference. I am trying to be positive. At first when I heard by husband only had 20% normal sperm I was devatated, but it looks like there is options. All my other tests have come back fine. Once we find out the results of my husband's test we will be meeting with the doctor again to find out what course of action we will be taking. I am not sure if he will have us try to conceive naturally with with me now on Clomid and Parlodel or go right to IUI. We have been trying for 13 months now.


Denise5102003 - January 12

Hello everyone.
Well today was my third round of b/w and my third ultrasound while on follistim. I didnt really look at the numbers since I was in a rush to get dressed and make my bus for work. The tech said that it looked good and that it depends on the blood wrok now. I should hear back from my dr's office around 3pm to see what the plan for this weekend is. I REALLY hope I can trigger tonight and have the IUI on Sunday, I am getting very anxious. The trigger shot looks bigger though then the follistin shot.


Denise5102003 - January 12

I just heard from my doctors office. I have to take one more shot of follistin but instead of 300 it will be at 150 and I have to go in tomorrow for another ultrasound so I am assuming I am about ready to go since I was just there today for an ultrasound.


Erica1 - January 12

Best of luck to you Denise! This is my first month as well. I have been on Follistim daily at 75 for the last five days and am my follicales are currently 12.5 and 10.5 but I only have three measurable. I am going to be on for the next three days and then another u/s and b/w on Monday am. Good luck to you!



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