follistim II-new post...please come in...
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beth - December 12

since this forum is experiencing some tech. difficulties, i thought i'd start a new post, so we wouldn't have to keep scrolling down. hopefully, it'll get fixed soon. i want to thank you ladies for all your support and help these past 2ww. i am going to TRY to get some sleep so i can be rested for my trip to the dr. for preg test tomorrow morning. i go in at 7 am and i'm supposed to wait until 1 pm to call for results. i figure they'd call my cell as soon as they get a positive, if that happens, so my phone will be attached at my hip all morning. how will i teach the kids tomorrow??? anyway, helen and lynn-good luck and hope the time flies by in these 2ww. as you know, the busier you keep yourself, the faster the time will go by. for the rest of the lovely ladies in waiting, lots and lots of baby dust to everyone. i hope we all have lots of happy baby dreams!!


Lynn - December 12

Are we posting here??????


helen - December 13

i didn't see this post earlier. i already posted on the other site. we should all switch over. the other one is getting too long. Beth, once again CONGRATS!!!!!! i couldn't be more happier for you. i am jealous!!!! be sure to keep us posted okay?!? :-)


Lynn - December 14

posted on other but willing to move also. Let us know on other post



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