Follistim II
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Lynn - October 11

We are starting a new post due to previous one getting too large. We each began our journey under "Has anyone used follistim" Come share inside...


helen - October 11

hi girls..lynn, i guess i'm the first to post on the new forum. my RE put me on prometrium because of the last iui cycle. i started my AF about 3 days earlier than I should have. he thinks that at least one implanted due to the early spotting but my lining was poor in quality. (meds make the lining poor in quality so this helps to protect the lining of the uterus). mari, that's great that we have the same exact cycle. good luck on your ici tomorrow, and good job on your follies. okiejbp, my RE is very conservative as well. he had me on such a low dosage, i wasn't sure if i would have more than one follie but i do. don't try to over analyze everything. the key point is to remain "stress free". i know..easier said than done! and yes, the follies grow even more after the trigger so don't worry. carrie, good luck tomorrow with your iui. let us know how it went. beth, when are you scheduled for your iui? hi are you? baby dusts!!!!!


Lynn - October 12

When I first had a m/c, my doctor put me on prometrium after each IUI for 2 weeks. My new doctor said he does not use prometrium (will question more about this). How is ur doctor measuring uterine lining while doing cycles. So many doctors do so many different things and I am now questioning everything since so much has happened. So much to deal with. thanks for input Helen. Anyone have anything different to share or even the same? Good luck to all IUI's on Wednesday!!!!!!


Anna - October 12

I dont really have anything to say.. just want to see my name on new forum.(he-he) Just kidding. I do want to say hi and wish a huge luck this month to everyone!


helen - October 12

lynn, the thickness of the uterine lining should be above 8. my RE said that the meds generally make the lining weaker especially when on clomid, even though the thickness is present. the last cycle i was on clomid and follistim. that's one of the possible side effects of the meds. girls, i have some cramping on the left side and egg white cm with some blood so i called my RE. he said that my estradiol level yesterday was above 1500 and usually we cannot sustain that level of estrogen and so he thinks that blood was because the levels were dropping. has this happened to anyone? anyways, i will give myself the ovidrel tonight and go in tomorrow for iui in case of early o and go in again on thurs. as planned for another iui. UGH!!! the last iui was so painful, i'm not looking forward to doing 2 iui's in one cycle!! wish me luck girls and hope that everything will be alright. i need your prayers for this cycle. anna, i like seeing your name too :-) mari, i guess both you and i will be at our RE's tomorrow. good luck!!!


Carrie - October 12

Okay, just wanted to let everyone know I found the new forum.. IUI is today..I'll keep everyone posted.


Mari - October 12

Hello Everyone, ici was today and thankfuly it was not to painful, but ususlly the iui is the painful one because i am ovulating and i get really sore and painful. last iui was very painful hope this one is not that bad. Helen - were ur levels so high because of meds? Carrie & Helen -How did it go today any O pain yet? Anna- good idea on the new forum, the other one was to long. I remember when i asked the follistim question, it took a whole month for someone to answer and now there is a group of wonderful and supportive women in this forum. Lynn - yes u need to question everything and advocate for yourself, ask as many questions as you want. that helps with peace of mind. Okiejpb- i hope you find the new forum, just in case i will leave a message reminding everyone of the new one.


Okiejpb - October 12

Thanks Mari about reminding me about the new forum. I thought everyone just disappeared. Good to see that didn't happen. Helen-You're right. I needed to hear someone say that, or in this case type it:). I've been trying to keep myself busy, which does tend to help. Hope everyone has a wonderful day, good luck, and lots of baby dust.


mandy - October 12

hi ladies, I just wanted to add my previous experience with follistem. I was an egg donor last year and that is what they put me on. The follistem wasn't that bad but then I had to start another round of injections with another medicine to develop the eggs in the follicles. I felt like I swallowed a basketball. The doctors said I would feel bloated, but that was a completely different feeling. I felt like someone hooked me up to an air pump and put it on full blast. It went away after the procedure to take the eggs, but after about a month. I looked about 3-4 months pregnant and couldn't wear any of my regular clothes. They didn't tell me any of this when I decided to be a donor. But in the end, I'm glad I did it because I got to help a couple become a family, so it was worth it. I am just writing this so you won't be caught off guard like I was.


helen - October 12

hi girls...just got back from my iui. it was painful because the RE had to clamp down on my cervix to get to the uterus, but didn't take quite as long as the last iui. i can't believe i have to do this again tomorrow!!! mari, are you glad it's over with today? are you anxious about going tomorrow for your iui? carrie, how did your iui go today? i don't have any O pains yet. mari-my levels were so high because of the meds. i asked my RE today about that and he said that it was because i'm a great responder the meds. do you remember what your levels were? ask your RE tomorrow when you go for your iui. okiejpb, my DH had the same problem as yours did about the "performance anxiety" today. his sperm was okay but not great like the other time. well, he has one more chance tomorrow, hope it'll be better. hi mandy, thanks for the info. and what you did was awesome!!!


Okiejpb - October 12

Helen - one down, one to go. Good luck tomorrow.


Lynn - October 12

Okay, I have a silly question, what is an ici? I have not figured that one out and I want to make sure if I am in need of this, I ask about it. When I did follistim in August, I only did fertility drug, trigger shot and one IUI (my did not hurt that time but first two did when nurse did it). Mandy, thanks for info and I agree with Helen, thank-you for helping a couple become a family. okay cheerleader is present and praying for some BFP ladies!!!!! Update, went to general physician about dizzy spells and the room spinning. I am anemic and now have to take iron pills for 2 months. He said it is common after surgery and everything I went through in those two days. I am so glad I am not working on pregnancy right now. But I will still hope and pray for you girls.


Carrie - October 12

IUI went great pain at all..very quick, husbands sperm we will see. I have kinda had cramps since the IUI but I feel ok. DH wants to BD tonight as well. I have to go in next week for a progestrone blood test and then I guess we just wait..this is the hard part I hear. This is my first IUI and the Dr. was happy with follicles,and sperm so at least I feel like I have accomplished something as opposed to the month after month of no ovulation. Thanks again for all the support. You ladies are great. Hopefully this will be the month.


Lynn - October 12

Yeah Carrie, when my IUI did not hurt, I got pregnant. we were told to BD beginning the following day after IUI and boy did we ever. 2 times the following day and daily for a week after. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I think Mari adn Helen are right around you. If I remember, okiejbp is near y'all also. Good luck!!!


carrie - October 12

Do you think it is a good idea to BD tonight eventhough I had the IUI? I took my trigger shot on Monday evening


helen - October 13

lynn, ici is intracervical insemination. i think it is to cover early O. how are you doing? sorry to hear about your anemia, but you'll be fine with the iron pills and some good rest. carrie, i'm so happy to hear that your iui went great!! my RE told us to abstain from BD the day of the iui, you should do it the following day. good luck this month!!! thanks okiejpb, do you think you'll do an early hpt? it looks like today has been a busy day for alot of us!!!


Okiejpb - October 13

Helen-given all of the posts I've read, I think I want to try really hard to stay away from testing early. We'll see....Hopefully I'll make it to Sunday or Monday without AF, then I'll test.



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