Follistim Cycles - 3 average?
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friscomom - February 14

I was told be the nurse at my RE's office that the average number of follistim cycles is 3. I have been through 2 cycles with no success and I am starting my 3rd cycle tomorrow. Any one have any experience with follistim?


tanner789 - February 15

i know luve did chck out thread named pregnancy tests, i was on gonal f which is an injection and had 20 large follicles but cycel was cancelled b/c they ony like to see4-6 without risk of too many multiples-good luck


Blakey - February 19

I was on follisitin for 2 iUI cycles, that made about 5 good size follicles. When i started my IVF cycles, the first 2, I was on follisitin, but I didn't develop a lot of follicles, my body did not repsond to the protocol my RE prescribed. the first cycle of IVF I had 5 follicles, 4 eggs retrieved, but only 1 that fertilized properly, and was transferred. It wasn't successful. The 2nd time I tried IVF, the follistin, again did't work for me, I only had 3 follicles after being on it for 14 days. My cycle was cancelled, I was devastated. Since then I am seeing a new Dr. who put me on Gonal-F, and "upped my meds" from 250 IU, to 300IU, I saw results immediately. I ended up with 11 follicles, and again, when doing an IVF cycle the more follicles the better, because not every follicle contains an egg. They retreived 7eggs, and 3 fertilized. I had 2 embryos transferred. I think it was due to my Dr.'s protocol, alot of your treatment stems from what the Dr. prescribes. SOmetimes it is literally a hit or miss situation, because they are learning how your body repsonds with each protocol, and they will know how to modify it next time. I am so thankful I switched Dr.'s because this new Dr. is giving me hope. At least I know I can make good follicles, and their is a chance of me having my own biological baby. My last Dr. was ready to talk to me about donor eggs, she said it was m,y reserve, and it was the fact that she was putting me on the wrong protocols, that weren't working well for me. So hang in there, and if theirs any doubt, get a 2nd opinion. Good luck to you~ KIm


maryp - February 22

Blakey >>>Good Luck to you.. I m just starting my 2 ivf.. 1 folicle 1st time. and now diff protocol.. Dr . prescribed 300 iui for 5 days... how may days for you?...


Tink - February 22

i tried it for 2 IUI cycles with decent response, but BFNs. i think i was doing like 100iu a night. for like 5-6 nights. i had 4 mature follies the first IUI and like 4 on the second one too. I had done 2 clomid/IUI cycle prior to the 2 follistim ones, so i decided after 4 IUIs (plus i had done 4 months on just clomid alone) that it was time for IVF. i did 225iu for IVF for about 5 days, then down to 150 for the other 4 days. i had 13 folllies, 8 mature eggs, all 8 fertilized and we transferred 2 blasts two days ago. I wouldn't give it more than 3 cycles---i would move on to IVF at that point. when you say no success, do you mean not a pregnancy- or do you mean you aren't responding and you aren't producing more than a few follicles? if you aren't responding- i would have asked to switch to something else or up the dose.


Blakey - February 24

Hi Mary.
Good luck to you with your IVF cycle...I wish you the best. Well, as I mentioned, when I was on the follitin, I always went longer on the meds, about 10-14 days (longer than what they predict) with the Gonal-F, I was on it for 8 days! That was good for me, also considering my age (40) trying for 1st I think everyone responds differently. After 5 days, if you have, say 3 follicles, they will most likely have you continue, because at that dosage (300 IU) that is exactly what my dose was, you will make more follicles!! All the best!! :) Let us know how your doing!! :) kim


maryp - February 24

Hi Kim; Thank you for responding Im also 40 and try for 2 nd . My son born sep 2004 / thru iui and lucky me on the first try... I call him my miracle a blessing since iu was done on x mas day... My first 1ivf was done a little diffent.. 14 day on the pill 10 lupron and then repronxes 525 iu // and on the sixth day ivf cycle was cancld since I only had 1 foliclem, but a good size 19 mm / so Dr continued with iui .. No luck so here I am again want for my period to start.. and then the repronex 300 iui x 5 dys and gonal-f 300 iu 5 dys.. hopefully I will have better results....


Blakey - February 24

Dear Mary,
Wow, what a beautiful story, re: your son, that is truly amazing, and yes a wonderful Christmas gift too!!! :) I truly wish you the best this cycle. I am sure you will have much better results. I had a cancelled cycle 2 months a go (IVF)- but it was because of my protocol, I just didn't respond well. I responded awesome with the higher meds (300IU) so I have a great feeling you will too!!! :) You will do fine! I am excited for you....let me know how things are going. I have my beta test on Monday, and I am nervous!! I am praying that one of my little embryos took, or maybe 2!! :)
postive thoughts your way......Kim :)


maryp - February 24

Kim: you got this far.. that's great I am praying for youGood luck on Monday .. keep me posted.....


Blakey - February 25

Thank you for your prayers Mary, I will let you know...your in my prayers too!!!


maryp - February 26

Hi Kim I read your posting on high fsh .. and that yours was 10.8. and y our Dr told ou it still ok.. My Dr said mine at 10.1 is high and he said below 8 would get a better respons... what do you think .. you seem to know so much about this stuff...


Blakey - February 27

Dear Mary,
I had my blod test today, (15 days after ET)- I am pregnant!!!! I can't beleive it, and am still in shock!!!! I have waited so long to hear those words.... it is like a dream.
I am so thankful to my RE. i had a new Dr. this cycle, and I had a FSh of 10.8- and she said it was still okay to proceed. I had 11 follicles after 8 days of Gonal-F- 300IU and 7 eggs retreived. I had 2 fertilized eggs, 2 embryos for transfer... and now I have a positive result!!! Oh Mary, Ican't beleive it!! I

so your FSh should be fine. If it was a 12 or a 14, yes, then my RE would advise sitting that cycle out due to possibly not developing a lot of follicles. Bu when I had the 10.8 she said it was still okay to proceed. she said initially she would have loved to seen it at 10, (this was before my cycle)- but I got a great response. Mary, 10.1 is excellent. My RE said 10 is great, your fine!!!! You will do great..we are the same age, and i had a great response and my FSH was higher. I would continue with your cycle, I am surprised he is saying 10.1 is high, it's not.

Good luck, and thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers MAry, it really helped!!! Your in my thoughts too! Kepp me posted on how your doing!! :)



maryp - February 27

Hi Kim I was waiting for your post... Congradulations... I am so happy for you... this is exciting news I could barely type... I am hopeful this would work for me too...Kim . I'm in Canada If you don't mind me asking where are you?


maryp - February 27

Kim...I hope your having twins.....


Blakey - February 28

Hi Mary~
Thank you for your good wishes!!
I still can't believe the news. I go in tomorrow for my hormone level ck. It just feels like a dream-
Wow, your from Canada? My husband is from Toronto! I lived in Canada for the first 2 1/2 yrs. of our marriage, but we always knew we would move back to where I am from..which is Boston, MA-

I wish you all the best for your cycle. You will do great!!! I was told by my former Re that she didn't advise any more cycles for me, because I never had a great, what a difference a Dr. makes, I was introduced to new RE, new protocol, and look what happes! Sounds like you are having similar protocol, 300IU of Gonal-F, just like me.

Let me know how you are doing....I will be praying for you!!!! all the best for a great cycle!!! Dreams do come true!!

Kim :)


maryp - February 28

Kim thank you for writing back so soon ....when will you find out if your having twins or not I'm curious.. keep me posted .. if you want you I can give you my email ..keep in touch .. can't wait to share my experience with you talk to you soon...


Blakey - March 1

Hi Mary!!
I am not sure when i will find out if I am having twins. I had my 2nd hormone level check today, and it had gone up. I had an HCG level of 287 on Monday, today it went up to 554, and my progesterone level went form 29, to 37.2, so the numbers are very good my nurse said. I go in again for a final hormone level check, next Monday. After that, not too sure when, for they have not told me yet, I go in for my first u/s- I think at that point, I will know, if 2 embryos implated. I am still with my fertility clinic- I think the protocl is I stay with them as a pt. for about 2 more weeks. Then I meet with my RE, and then I will start seeing an OB/GYN to contiune with the pregnancy.
I wish I could continue with my RE, I really feel comfortable with her, and may ask for a referal to a new OBGYN. The one I have now is nice enough, but I don't feel I have a strong rapport with him. Maybe that will change.

Yes, I would love to exchange e-mails. It is great to talk to you too, I understand what your going through, and especially where we are both the same age...wanting the same thing!! I will definitely keep you posted. I am excited for you and your cycle!!!! I look forward to hearing all about it!!!

Kim :)



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