Follistim Anyone, Any success stories?
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lifequest - June 27

Anyone used Follistim (Puregon) and have any success with it?


JenG - June 27

Hi, I am on Follistim for the first time this month and had my last injection last night (CD 13 today). I have an appt on Wed to see if I am ready for IUI. I have 3 follies which is good. I have not had any severe effects... some minor water retention and my boobs have hurt! I am sensitive to O pain, so I have felt that from time to time... which is good because I know things are growing! How about you? Are you on it?


lifequest - June 27

Hi JenG, yes i was on it, though maybe we are doing different types of treatment. (I'm from Canada), I have been doing b/w and u/s everyday since CD 5, and have given myself my own injection, ever night starting at 150 for about 3 days, than they dropped it to 100 by CD8, on CD 11 I was given my HCG injection by my RE, than the next two days CD12 and CD 13 my DH did a sperm wash and we did IUI. I am now on 2ww and using progesrone suppositories 2x/dy. until my Beta. But I had my follicles checked ever day, and I ended up with 2 good ones (both meassuring 20.) I have experenced alittle cramping a few days back, and alot of gas...other than any other sympthoms, I have nothing...don't know if that's a good thing or not. What did you follies measure at? Are you doing a sperm wash? baby dust and luck to you!!!!


JenG - June 28

Yes, just got back from the RE and my 3 follies are 22,19,18... so I got my HCG shot this morning and will have the IUI on Friday... then I am in the 2WW with ya. Not sure how it is done in CA, but Friday my DH will do his part in a cup, then the RE will wash the sperm, analyze and then do the IUI in the office. I will not be on progesterone, but will have a booster HCG a few days after the IUI. For me, I started injection on CD 4 at 75IU every night, then a b/w and u/s at CD9, 100 that night, then back at 75 for CD10, CD11. CD12 we check again... another 100, then today HCG shot... here I am.


lifequest - June 28

HeyJenG, well it sounds like you do it almost the same way, though we get b/w and u/s done everyday from day CD5 on til the last day we do the IUI. They check our follies everyday. So good luck on Friday. You'll have to tell me if you have any smyptoms or not. We did the sperm wash too, my DH had 86mil/ml afterwash with 86% mobility the first day, and 36 mil/mil with 92% mobility the 2nd day. I heard that's great, now it's up to me!!!! How old are you if you don't mind me asking? Did you get the 3 follies all from one side, Do you have your blood work no# from the past few days you were checked, I'd love to compair with you if you do. Good Luck! I'll be waiting!


JenG - June 28

Hi Lifequest... I am 34 years old and this is our ttc #1. My Estrogen was 525 on Monday, which he said was really good. I have not gotten the b/w back today. I had 2 on my left (22,19) and 1 (18) on my right. Did you get 2 IUI's? We are getting only one on Friday. Today I got the HCG at 10am... I think it will be at 46 hours afterwards. What is your age? How long have you been ttc?


lifequest - June 29

Hey JenG, well it's my first time doing this IUI, yes we did it 2 days in a row. I'm 35, and have a 4 year old daughter. Crazy but I didn't have a problem concieveing her. Now it's been a good 2/3 years and nothing. Well, I have my beta done on July 6th. Did they give you a reason why they're only going to do the IUI once? I had 4 follies, but by the end of it, they only concentrated on the two on the right.



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