Follistim and ovarian cysts
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hoping4anangel - March 6

Has anyone had problems with ovarian cysts while on Follistim...I have done 2 rounds of injectables with IUI.this last cycle was BFN....and I have ovarian cysts....I took a rest cycle and went back for baseline and cysts are still there...RE put me on I am out another month...I am so bummed....just wondering if anyone had experience with this and if the BCP will take the cysts away??


linds99 - March 6

The BCP will help to get rid of them. Those cysts are actually just left over follicles that kept on maturing instead of releasing. They do happen, and should be gone in a few weeks. Don't worry about them, you are under RE care that will not allow them to get worse.


tanner789 - March 6

did u feel pain with ur cysts or did u just go for an us and they showed that leftover follicles were still there? i was on gonal f a month ago and was cancelled and was unable to start this past month b/c of too many follies still left behind, im hoping their gone b/c im ready to start again-but i dont have any pain, is this how u knew u had cysts?


hoping4anangel - March 7

I did not have pain...I went in for a baseline U/S so I could start back on Follistim...and thats when they discovered the cysts....I just pray they go away with BCP cause this is my 2nd month in a row having to have a rest cycle because of them and I too am anxious to restart my meds!!!



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