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Carrie - February 15

Well saw the RE this morning. We are going to try it one more time. follistim at 150 and the IUI. We also talked about IVF today. The total cost will be $11,000.00 and that covers everything. I don't know..I'll post more later..students are coming in


Terry - February 15

Hey girls. Just wanted to let you know that I just went thru in vitro and the cost was a little less than 5,000. But is was done in Matamoros, Mexico. That was medication and all. Maybe ya'll want to check into it. Dr. name is Dr. Arturo Garza Morales. You won't have any winter storms to deal with. Actually not a bad place to have a little vacation. Pretty cheap too. So far, I have met couples from Alabama, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Gaudalaria, Mexico in this drs office. Seems to have a good reputation. And is not as expensive as the US. I had my embroyos transferred yesterday and will let you know the end results! Take care and only think happy thoughts!


Lynn - February 16

Helen.......well, tell us how everything went. I am so excited waiting for your news. I am okay about AF. I began a new cycle of femara today and go back to RE on 24th so we will see what happens. should begin injections tomorrow??? Mari, are you still with us? Okiejpb...where are you girl? Terry...welcome and please keep posting more info about this doctor. You have peaked my interest. How many weeks did you have to stay and how many trip back and forth did you have to make?


Terry - February 16

Well, Lynn, I live about an hour away from the dr. in Mexico. I have heard from other couples though that they usually spend around 1,000 for food and hotel. Just right down the road from the dr. there is a Best Western (in Mexico). Hye guys, what does AFmean? and BFN and TTC . I am new to this internet lingo.


Lynn - February 16

Terry....BFN = Big Fat Negative...AF = Aunt Flow (period).....TTC = Trying To Conceive. Where in Mexico is this doctor and is there anything online to review? how do you get info on him and his practice?


Terry - February 16

His name is Dr. Arturo Garza Morales. their website is He has also done some research over here, and he apparently uses less meds which in turn is cheaper. Meds, labs, ultrasounds costs about 2500 and 2500 for the retrieval and transfer. I'm so scared. I feel like I'm going to start. Getting those cravings for sour stuff and sore breasts. Little cramping, but light. Just don't want to get my hopes up!


Terry - February 16

Oh, sorry. My gyno told me about him. Also a friend told me she had a friend who went to an RE over here in the US 3 times and was never successful. The first time she went to this Dr. in Mexico, she got pregnant. But since going there, I've met lots of couples that have told me that they have heard the same thing.


Lynn - February 17

Terry...thanks, I'll look into it. Helen....what happened yesterday? are you. has gotten lonely on here.


helen - February 17

hi girls...i've been dying to post but my internet went down. well, my 1st u/s went well. i have one growing inside. i got to see the yolk sac and fetal pole. at the end of the fetal pole, i saw something fluttering and the RE said that was the heartbeat. i am a bit worried though because i'm a couple of days behind. the RE said +/- 4 day difference was absolutely normal but i would feel 100% better if everything was perfect. i'm still so scared but trying to stay optimistic. my next appt is next Friday, i get to hear the heartbeat and this will hopefullly be my last appt. at my RE's and i graduate to my OB. Lynn, i really pray that all your eggs will be on your left side this month!!! i can't believe you're already on your new cycle. thank you for always being such a constant support. what would i do without you? Carrie, how are you doing? have you started your new cycle? Okiejpb, Mari, hope you girls are doing well.


Carrie - February 17

Well I'm home today from school..sick, but everything is going fine. I started my femara yesterday and will start injections on Sat. I'm still bummed about AF but I am getting better. Lynn I will see my RE on the 23rd so we should be right around each other again..That will be nice. Other than that not much else to report. Hope all you ladies are doing great!


Lynn - February 18

YEAH Helen.......I am so glad you got to see everything. Make sure you tell us about the appointment next week. Gosh we will all be seeing RE next week. Tomorrow we are going to begin BDing so we are covered this month. I so hope this is the month but I am just looking at each day as one step closer. has to be our turn soon. I am praying hard for us. Keep me posted. how much femara are you talking? Why do they pari it with injections? I am getting my information armed so I am understanding what is going on. Okiejpb and Mari...I hope everything is okay.


tammy - February 19

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helen - February 19

hi girls....Carrie, how's the cold? hope you're feeling better. you should be starting injections today, good luck this cycle. i really pray that this will be your cycle. Lynn, thank you. i'm getting excited. when is your next appt? let us know how that goes and i hope everything is on the left side this month. how is your weight loss coming along? LM & Okiejpb, where are you girls? how's your cycles coming along? post on here soon so we can keep up with you and cheer you girls along. where ever you girls are, i hope you are doing well and hope this IVF cycle is a success!!! Mari, hi how are you? baby dust girls!!!


Lynn - February 19 next appointment with RE is this Friday (02/24) at 9am. I am taking the morning off of work to go. Nothing new to report. Today is the last night of femara. I am experiencing severe headaches and I feel that it is from the femara. I only get it the next to last day of taking it. it happened last month also. I can survive a headache. Better than the effects of clomid. should be cd 6 right??/? why are you taking both oral and injections? LM, Mari, Okiejpb....hope eveything is okay and miss hearing from you girls.


Carrie - February 20

Lynn- I see the RE on the 23rd at 8:00am. She has me on both femara and follistim because I have been responding so well and she doesn't feel that straight follistim will make tons of difference. I also think she wants to help keep the cost down if she can. We have been really lucky in that every month she has given us the follistim and this month we had to pay for it. I think it ran around 345. so if I wouldn't be doing the femara it would be double. I had 5 follices last time so I hope I can be as lucky this time.Good luck on Friday and I hope the follies are where they need to be.


Lynn - February 20

Hey Carrie....we are really close in our cycles this time. Will you need to go back again after the 23rd appointment? When I did follistim, I had to go back 3 times until trigger shot. This month I am taking femara only. If nothing happens, we are going back to follistim. I am approved until 2/2/07 for $25.00 a month. What IU are you taking for follistim? I am doing 600IU. I hope both of us are as lucky as Helen. Let me know how you appointment goes.



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