follicular ultrasound
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Alexandra - October 31

Can someone explain to me what follicles are? Just because you have 7 follicles does not mean that you will drop 7 eggs does it? I am confused. Also, when taking clomid did you take progesterone? I heard it helps the lining of your uterus..... but I don't know what form, if I could get it over the counter, or what to do. I want the best chance of pregnancy that I can get! Thanks SO SO much!


isa - October 31

Hi Alexandra, your folicles are what your eggs are in. There is not necessarily one egg per follicle. I was on clomid at the beginning of my cycle for 5 days. After my iui's, the next day I start progesterone supposoitories and because my lining was thin I was put on estrogen for 14 days from day 9. Progesterone I get is from my fertility clinic, I ' m not sure if you can by otc or not. hope i've helped some.


T - October 31

Not every follicle will release an egg. Some will not mature and will simply disenegrate. But if you have 7 of a certain size, then it is possible to have multiples. If you are doing an IUI you should think about the possibility of that and what that would mean. If you are doing IVF, then great. I did clomid 50 mg and then prog.. I had 4 follicles but got preg. with one baby.


Alexandra - October 31

Thanks isa and T. That helps clear things up. I am going in for a series of three follicular ultrasounds during this cycle. I was just using 7 as a generic number for my question. I am not having an iui as of yet. But, I am worried about my mucus not being that great and my doctor told me to take robitussin to help loosen the mucus. Are the progesterone suppositories something that I should be asking my doctor about? Would it hurt if I took them and didn't really need them? Also, they wouldn't react with the clomid would they? I feel like I have so many questions.... I guess I should really make an appointment with my doctor! Thanks and baby dust!


T - October 31

The prog would not hurt if you didn't need it. A lot of people are on it automatically. If you take it a few days after you o, then it will not affect your cycle. If you do have cm problems, then check into the lube called Preseed. But an IUI also bypasses that problem.


Becky - November 1

When you guys did iui did you ever have cramps after. I did my 1st IUI with fermara and on progesterone and I fell really crampy


Toni - November 1

Definitely had cramps after the IUI. For about 2 days.


Becky - November 1

Thanks Toni



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