Follicular Study
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mannshru4 - April 28

Hi everyone. I had a misscarriage one year month. We waited for 6 months and now TTC since last six months. I was advised to got for follicular studies. On the 9th day one follicle as 16mm by 25mm in size and other with 10 mm. My doctor told the bigger one is not good quality as its size is more compared to 9th day. Now we are following the one with 10mm. Any one having more information on follicular studies. The nurse told me that the llining of the uterus is good.


slowpoke01 - April 28

they usually like to see the follicles at about 20-25 around day 13 or 14. at least that is how they like mine. i wouldnt think that the 16mm one is too big. they grow like 1 or 2 mm a day so it looks like it should be right on track. also are you doing hcg trigger shot to induce ovulation? if so it will make all the mature eggs release for ovulation. if they do this then more than likely both eggs will release. good luck to you.


Blakey - April 28

Sorry for your loss mannshru. I just had a m/c , a week ago this past Friday, and had a D&. This was our first pregancy after ttc for several years with a fertility clinic. We, to say the least, were heartbroken.
I am taking a break right now, for obvious reasons.
I will say that my RE didn't want the follicles to get "too big" , they don't want them to get that big before retreival...that is why they monitor you closely through u/s, and bloodwork with your estridiol see when the follicles are mature enough. 25 is way too big , and they shouldn't wait until they are that large. My RE typically liked to see them between 18-20, to 21 that is perfect..because they grow about 1-2 mm a day, and you have to wait 24 hours after you take your trigger shot, so if your at 21, by the time you take your triger shot, and go in on the 3rd'll have most likey the 18mm will have grown to 20-21, and the 21mm, will have grown to 23..just perfect for retrieval because they are mature!

Good luck to you



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