follicles too big?
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Vanessa - December 8

I just got back from my doctors office and they tell me that the two follicles I had have grown too large and they dont think that I ovulated this month. I am on clomid 200, and had an iui scheduled but it has been canceled. My question is can a follicle grow but there be no mature egg released? Is this why I have not had an lh surge? I am so confused. thanks!


me - December 9

Why didn't your dr give you an HCG shot to make you ovulate? The only thing it can do is be painful for you when you burst the follicle open and release the egg, and mayeb result in a bit of ovulation bleeding from the size. I am just wondering. I have PCOS and huge cysts that burst all the time, which is painful when I ovulate, but I know I am at least ovulating you know? I am not doubting your dr's advice, but maybe ask them why they didn't give you a HCG shot. Good luck.


Mega - December 9

I agree with me. That was my thought too as I read your question, Vanessa. Why didn't they prescribe the trigger shot? Just out of curiousity, how big were your follies? Good luck. I hope next cyle goes smoothly for you.



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