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Mindee - April 13

I am kinda new at this but what is a follicle? I am clueless and why do you go and get that checked to see how many you have? Also what does it mean to be ttc#1 or ttc#3. I am sorry I am so dumb.


Cutie - April 14

Hi Mindee, you are not dumb sweety, it takes time to learn this specific slang.... It took me a while.
I am not sure what follicle is either, however ttc#1 means Trying To Concieve (baby) number 1 or number 3
FYI :)


TJ - April 14

I had an u/s for PCOS, and had identifiable follicles on each ovary (up to 20 on each). This is a cyst, or an egg which did not mature and crystalises on your ovary. I am currently waiting to see gyno, as the blood tests did not confirm polycystic ovarian syndrome.



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