follicle size and how many if pregnant IUI
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cspears99 - June 28

Hi I am from California, I am on my 3rd cycle on Clomid, 150mg, no luck so far, I was wondering for those we did conceive what size and how many follicles did you drop when the ultrasound was checked before insemination??


DB - June 29

Hello, well, I was not inseminated, but I was on 100mg clomid and had two mature follicles (both 20mm) when I got my trigger shot...We then bd that day the next day and the next day...and it worked out....I think the follicles have to be at least 18-20mm to be mature...something like that. Good luck..


Ann1 - June 29

On clomid, I had anywhere from 1 to 4 follies on 50mg of clomid with iui (none worked). My RE triggers when the largest follie goes over 20, but he said he has seen eggs in follies as little as 14mm when doing egg retrieval for ivf. So there could be eggs in much smaller follies than the trigger time minimum. Also some drs trigger as early as when one goes over 16 and I've also heard of drs that wait for 22mm. They all have different opinions!



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