Follicle Size & Trigger Shot Help!!!
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Atava - April 11

I have a follicles that are 1-20mm, 1-16.8, 2-15+, RE said that 2 are dominant and may wait another day to give trigger shot to get the 16 to catch up. My question is if he decides to go ahead an give the trigger to me tonight would the 16+ have time to develope before the IUI is performed 36 hours later. Does the size of the follicle represent a higher chance for conception?


baby1234 - April 11

Follies that are 18-25 are the ones expected to contain a mature egg. Your follies continue to grow up to 2 mms a day after trigger. You'll be fine by the iui. Good luck!


linds99 - April 11

Yes, those follicles grow on average about 2mm per that 16 today will be 18 tomorrow and likely ripe. However, doctors like to see follicles on a medicated cycle at least above 20+, but I think since you got one that is already 20 she wants to increase your chances by getting the others a chance to ovulate too. Good luck, sounds like a great cycle!


Atava - April 11

Thank You so much, my dh has an above count & motility, but the morph is low. I just wanted to make sure that the good ones had more targets to aim at. :) he!! he!!


Atava - April 11

Doc is increasing my Gonal to 150, I was taking 75, then I go in tom. for another u/s. With the increase in meds will that excelerate the egg growth without hurting the integrity?


linds99 - April 11

She's probably doing that to get those extra eggs to be luteinized and continue growing, at this point, they have a pretty good shot of continuing to grow and ovulate. I'd be very optimistic with this cycle.



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