Folic Acid Prescription from Dr.?
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Julie - August 17

Anyone elses dr. want them to take folic acid if they are taking Clomid? My dr. called in an order to my pharmacy for this since I'm taking Clomid...??


Sara - August 17

Hi Julie, I take Folic acid along with the Clomid. The folic acid helps prevent birth defects. All Women trying to get preg should be taking it. Did your Dr tell you something else about it?


Julie - August 18

No, that was pretty much it. I am already taking a prenatal vitamin, so I guess I take this in addition to it? I just wasn't sure if I was supposed to take it while taking the Clomid or once I finished the Clomid...


annette - August 18

my doc prescribed prenatals and follic acid, along with clomid. i am on metformin too. usually the prenatals will have the min required amount of follic acid in it. but just to be on the safer side, some docs prescribe additional follic acid, to prevent birth defects, like sara said. if ur doc didnt say anything else abt it, then i guess there is no need to worry.


Julie - August 18

thanks, i started taking it this morning... i'm on day 2 of clomid.


Ragini - August 18

Hi Julie, I am also on day 2 of clomid and my doctor did not tell me anything about prenatal.

I have irregular periods since i got married....last Aug. I was given provera in Nov and got a period that month but did not get pregnant.....I did not have period in Dec . I got my period in Jan. and no period in feb and ...Doc gave me provera again in march and got my period but that month also i did not get pregnant.
From april till july i did not hv a period.

I moved from LA to California and the doctor here advised Provera fr 10days and clomid from day 5through 9.

Do you think clomid would help?

Many thanks


Lena - August 18

Julie, Check your prenatal vitamins to see if they include folic acid. Its such an important thing for a pregnancy that I can't imagine a prenatal vitamin not including it.



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