Flying when pregnant, Anyone done it???
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Sally - March 29

Hi girls, hubby and i have been ttc for 2 years, we are starting to have tests done. To cheer me up hubby has booked a week in Mexico to relax and try to take my obsessed mind off things, i have found out 3 people close to me are pregnant and another is having her 2nd all in the time i have been trying. Anyway hubby is not normally this thoughful or romantic and to be honest i really need the break. The thing is i have read you cant fly until you are 14 weeks! well we fly in 10 Weeks and i cant just take the next few months off of ttc what do i do?? I really want to get away, it has all been paid for and we cant afford to loose £2,000! Plus i knew a air hostes that was pregnant and she flew all the time and was fine. What are your thoughts???


isa - March 29

My RE says no problems if you are pregnant. Make sure you get up and stretch, try and get decrompression soxs that help so you dont get clots in your legs and do foot and leg stretches when you sit in your seat. Drink lots of water so you dont dehydrate. Keep healthy snacks with you incase you get stuck in turbulance and they cant serve meals.Keep your doctors # handy incase you need them and have fun. My girlfriend has flown to Hawaii , at 10 weeks, and several other trips during her 2 pregnancies and she has always been fine. The trip might be just what you need to get pregnant. Thank dh and have a blast.


Sally - March 30

Thanks isa, thats great, im ovulating in the next couple of days so i can still try. Good advise thankyou, and yes the break will be great, if my cycle stays the same (25 days) i will be ovulating while we are away!!!!


leah - March 30

Hi, just want to tell u, that last month i flew to florida for one week vacation, but on the way back I got very nervous, beacause the airplaine had a lot of turbulance and one week later a had a m/c. I was about 4 weeks pregnant. But if your dr thinks that its fine, and u have no fear of flying, than have a good time..


JenG - March 30

Go... plan. Enjoy. You may get pregnant and you may not and then you wish you were going on vacation. I think it is a worry you wish you had right? So, hold off worrying until and if it happens. We were in that boat as well. The only concern my RE expressed is being oversees in another country... something happens; they can't service you and the local medical docs may not either or be equipped to. They like you to be in the US or close to home. Not sure I have a better story, as I traveled to Italy in my 11th week and miscarried a couple weeks after I returned. BUT, I was with a RE with TTC challenges and it was a precarious pregancy to begin with. Having it to do over with the fact I will be high risk, I will plan but would probably eat the money if we had an overseas trip planned during the first trimester. Call it a small investment to comfort. :)


lilu - March 30

My doc said you can fly in your 1st, 2nd but not in ur 3rd trimester.



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