Flu Shot Ok to get While Trying to Concieve...
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k8cherry - November 28

Dh and I are tying to get pregnant and I am in my 2ww and was wondering if its ok to get a flu shot. I am scheduled to get one at my office on Friday and I am not sure if it will be ok incase I might be pregnant. I know they say you should get one if you planned to be pregnant during the flu season but I couldn't find anything about whether its safe to have one if you are trying. Thanks!


marhar7106 - November 28

I'm pretty sure it's fine to get a flu shot when you're trying to conceive because I was told by my doctor that if I am planning to be pregnant anytime between october to march it is a good idea to get one. I hope that helps.Good Luck!


JB0405 - November 28

WOW, I was wondering the same thing!


gmh - November 28

I too was wondering the same thing so called the Health department and they said it would not effect anything and in fact they subjest women who are pregant get the shot. I still called my Dr. and the office said by all means get it it will hurt nothing.


k8cherry - November 28

Thanks guys! I have never gotten one before but I figured its free and I don't want to take any chances if I do become pregnant which I am really hoping happens soon. Thanks again!



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