Fishy odor after sex
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nene - July 20

can it stop me from getting pregnet


Edy - July 21

Monicalia, I have had this to. I am an RN and deal with this every day with the girls I see in the clinic. I had an HSG 5/2005 and it showed that my tubes were blocked, but RE says that it could be a Spasm, will find out 7/27. I am really scared about possible outcome. I am really trusting in the Lord to bring me through this. Fishy odor after sex usually is BV. But, could be something else and definetly needs to be tested.


Jen - July 29

What is bv? I have the same problem too


Sara - July 29

BV is bacterial virus


Sara - July 29

Sorry, I meant to spell Bacterial Vaginosis...


Dana - August 1

It could be vagianal bacterial infection.
Its called vaginosis. Its from an overgrowth of bacteria. Get checked it checked out.


Joy - August 2

I have bacterial vaginosis and have had it for a while. I have used everything from Flagyl to Metro Gel to vaginal supositories. It went away for a couple of months, but it has now returned and I am really frustrated. I spoke to my doctor and he says that it is sometimes hard to get rid of, but he also told me that it will not prevent me from getting pregnant. I have been trying to conceive for a couple of months, but have had no luck. The supositories really help, but last time I only did it for 10 days and you are supposed to do them for three months 10 days out of the month, twice a day. I am using them again to see what happens this time.


Roger - August 6

Semen is full of amines (spermine, Cadaverine etc.) which are amphoteric and keep the little troops safe during their swim through the acid environment of the vagina. When amines decompose they smell.... a bit like a rotting piece of squid. Uncut men who masturbate also smell fishy if they don't wash their penises.


TO JOY - August 6

Hello there i got diagnosed with BV and the doc put me on Cleocin. It worked BUT after my menstrual it came back did you have the same thing happen to you on cleocin? Paula


Joy - August 8

Yes, I have tried everything. Cleocin, Metra....?, Flagyl and nothing. Right now I am using boric acid vaginal suppositories which the doctor prescribed. I heard this is really good. I have to use for three months, 10 days out of the month, twice daily. See if your doctor can give you that. I hope this works, because I am just totally frustrated and no hope left.


May - August 9

I am expirencing the same problems abt stinky smell for like this whole yr!!! My doc suggested DIY douching, twice I did tat. Now he is suggesting douching for me to remove the discharge physically... what say you gals?


To May - August 9

Douching is not good for bacterial vaginosis or for people who have a lot of bacterial or yeast infections. My OB/GYN told me not to use any douching or any feminine sprays, etc. If you can, ask your doctor to send you the boric acid vaginal suppositories. Douching is definitely not good for women who have this problem. Your OB/GYN should know this. If not, then maybe you should consider changing doctors. If you look on the internet and do some research you will see that it will tell you the same thing about not using this stuff. Good Luck!!!!


To Joy: - August 11

Its gone! See when i explained to the doc the symtoms he just said that he was going to treat it like B.V. so i thought i had it then he did some test and prescribed me cleocin it went away right away. But my test came back A O.K so i had nothing much to worry about, i was happy i didn't have B.V. after my period i thought it came back but it was just a yeast infection again. I changed my soap, use cotton panties and try my best to keep it cool also wash every chance i get now its gone and i hope it doesnt come back because a yeast infection twice in a row is a little to much. Im 27 yrs of age and this is the first that it ever happened i guess the 3rd times a charm ha! well see. Hey Joy did you get results that it really was B.V. if not try the monistat 1. Don't have time using a 7 day cream especially when we are ttc. Paula
Take care and write back


Joy - August 11

Yes, I was diagnosed with BV. I am using the vaginal suppositories now and let's see what happens. I am also using a medicinal herb for douching that was used way back when. I hope this works. Wish me luck!!! I am glad that it was not BV as it is really hard to get rid of.


To Joy - August 11

Let me know how it goes! It will be okay in the mean time did you change your panties, soap etc. Or is it once you get it you just have to keep using creams and stuff. You'll be fine and cured soon. Paula


To Paula - August 11

Thanks. Hopefully it will go away soon and I won't have to continue using these things. I have changed my soap to the Ivory that is 99% natural and I always use cotton panties. The soap was recommended by my gyno.



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