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Becca - July 10

Hi girls. DH and have been ttc for 1.5 years with no succes. I am going to see a Fertility Specialist for the first time today. I am just wondering what to expect. Thanks!


Mega - July 10

Becca. Good luck today at your RE appt. How exciting! I've been with my RE for a year now. My first appt. he took me to his office, looked over the lab results from my OB, looked at my DH's SA results etc. We discussed options. Then he took me back into an exam room and did a vaginal u/s where he confirmed my OB's initial dx of PCOS. Then the office got me scheduled for a HSG dye test like the next day. I really like how he had me jump right in & did more tests etc. Post back after your appt., I'm curious to hear how it goes. After a 1.5 years you're doing the right thing. Anyway, I hope this helps!


Becca - July 10

Mega, thanks for your help. I am so anxious to go, but my appt is not for another 3 hours. My OB couldn't find anything wrong with me, and my dh's SA came back normal, so that's why I'm going in for further testing. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again!


Mega - July 10

Becca--You're welcome. Good luck. I'm sure the RE will get to the bottom of it for you. I'll be eager to read your update.


Val - July 10

Becca - I just started with an RE last month. I'm having unexplained infertility as well. He looked at my charts and dh's SA results (normal). Based on my temps, it appears that I'm ovulating. He said we'd try clomid for 3 months to try to shorten my cycles, and if I'm not pg after that, he'll do an hsg and move on to iui. Not sure why he doesn't do the hsg first, but that was what he suggested. Good luck to you!


Becca - July 10

Val, thanks for your reply. Based on temping and opk's it appears that I am ovulating too, and my cycles are pretty regular 28-31 days, but usually 28-29. I tried one round of clomid with my OB/Gyn and it was so awful. I really hope they do more testing before putting me back on the drugs. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm so anxious, I hope I don't forget to ask all my questions.


Tracy88 - July 10

My husband and I had also been TTC for a year and half when I finally broke down and saw the RE. My OB had already done the HSG and post coital tests, and I took three cycles of clomid as well. When the OB started talking about doing a laparoscopy, I moved to a specialist. The RE just did the lap on Friday and I am so glad that he did. I can't tell you how much time, money, and energy we would have wasted if we had not done the lap. He found a little bit of everything in me. I had moderate endometriosis, cysts, polyps, scar tissue, extra tissue sitting in the uteran cavity, and the fibroid that was sitting on the surface of my uterus had endo all over it. He cleaned me up and now I have a fresh start. I hated clomid as well, and dread the thought of having to give myself hormone shots, but now I'm glad to know that it all won't be a waste if I try them. We had no idea that all this was going on inside of me, except for the fact that I have painful periods, I had no other indications. The doc said that not one of the things he found would cause infertility, but all of them combined would. Good luck. I just wanted to share my story because the laparoscopy is by far the most effective tool to unravel the mystery of unexplained infertility.


Becca - July 10

Ok, I'm back. I don't have much time. The appt went really well. They were really nice and explained everything to me really well. I had an u/s and I have one good follie on the left side that is 15mm. It was so cool, I could really see them in a lot of detail. They said I should be Oing on Wednesday or Thursday which fits perfetly with my pre O cm signs and whatnot. We have to bd on Tuesday night and then go in for a post coital on Wednesday morning. My lining was good and he said my cm was GREAT! Dh's SA was great. The only thing left to test is the and the hsg which we will do next month if I dont get pg this month. Basically he thinks the diagnosis will be unexplained fertility, so maybe I should ask him about the laparoscopy next time I talk to him. Thanks for all your help girls!


Mega - July 11

Becca--Excellent! I'm glad your appt. went well and that you liked the RE. That's important. Good luck!


Val - July 12

Becca - glad your appt went well! Good luck with the bd-ing! :-)


Becca - July 12

Hi girls! I had another u/s today and a post coitel (sp?). Everything looks great, and I've already started to O this month! We will bd again tonight, just to be sure. Yay! I love this RE stuff!


Tracy88 - July 14

Good luck Becca and keep us posted on whether you get pg or not this month!


Mega - July 19

Becca--Glad the post coital test went well. Yay! That's good news. As Tracy said, keep us posted!



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