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GUEST - March 7

What can I do before i ovulate to increase my chances of getting pregnant?


Dee - March 7

Good Question. I have read Green Tea may help. I think I heard carrots too, pineapple and grapefruit juice.


JessicaG. - March 8

Try to exersize and eat right, that is important, try not to stress, yes I have also heard of green tea and also eat lots of fruits and veggies.


lea - March 8

I have read numerous articles linking green tea to problems with concieving. I would avoid it. Make sure you are taking folic acid or prenatal vitamins, de-stress as much as possible.


Kathy - March 8

Be careful with carrots. They are rich with vitamin A. Too much vit. A can kill a fetus. At least this is what my Dr. told me.


le - March 8

"How can drinking green tea decrease fertility?

Tannic acids, an element found in green tea, have been shown
to cause fertility problems and greater chances at

While not an "initial" fertility situation, rumor has it
that EGCG, the main disease-fighting antioxidant known as
catechins in green tea that have been found to impede the
growth of tumors, might also effect the blood vessel growth
of a developing embryo.

Another post-fertility issue related to an excessive intake
of green tea involves the increased rate of birth defects." from website


lea - March 8

how much carrot is too much? I havent heard that one before and its one of the only veggies I like?


lea - March 8

Infertility, Female

While there are many causes of infertility, maintaining normal body weight is extremely important if you are trying to conceive. Studies indicate that lack of ovulation can occur in women who are obese or who are extremely thin. If you are trying to get pregnant you should make every effort to eat a balanced diet, and try to consume foods that contain folate, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, zinc, iron, vitamin B12, and beta-carotene. Although you may be consuming foods that are high in folate, it is still important to consult with your physician to make sure that you are receiving adequate amounts of this important B vitamin. All women of childbearing age should be receiving 400 micrograms of folate a day to prevent the development of neural tube defects. Flaxseed oil may also be helpful for infertility problems. from website:


Kathy - March 8

Lea, you don't want more than 100% of your daily allowance of Vit. A. A small amount of carrots will cover it. If you are taking prenatal vit's then you should be careful. Maybe only eat 1 carrot. I stopped eating them all together. I could be overeacting (sp?). who knows.


kristie - March 8

Hi girls i dont know bout you all but me personaly i was ttc for months b4 i got pregant. Well in the 1st three months i tired the calender thing laying still after sex for half an hour putting a pillow under me so my hips were slightley up u no, things this to increase the chances of becoming pregnant. In the end that was not working. i though well the only thing i could try which was to let it happend when it happend and what do u no i fell pregnangt straight away. I belive i was trying to hard and realy only doing things for the sake of becomeing pregnant. Eat healthy and drink lots of water but do it for the sake of wanting to be healthy not to become pregnant then you are most likely to become pregnant sooner. Also take folic tablets for the baby growth and vitamins. But trust me i have never became straight away trying all these methods it happend when i let go and let nature take it's course. Baby dust to u. good luck


Pinky - March 8

kristie, you are right. Drinking lots of water and taking multivitamin with folic acid really helps alot. I am doing all those calender thing from last six months but doesn't happened...This month I am hoping...I got implantation bleed (fresh red blood about 1 spoon) on 7 DPO. My temperature is higher (98.58F) and I am due on 13th. I wrote my experiance on "I am feeling implantation". Please comment...Thanks.



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