first time using clomid
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Mrs.N - March 15

I've took my last pill on March 13th. It's my first cycle and i am scared of not fallin pg,but i have amenorrhea so my doc put me on provera first to make my period come which it didn't,but he told me to start on the clomid.Now i am having bad pains in my lower back and stomach which i believe thats normal,but i have been crying all day for no reason is this normal or am i just going crazy.And is there any one who has fell pg on the first cycle of clomid.


kim - March 15

Try the website Just cut and paste. i will be finishing up my last clomid pill tonite and i have found this site very helpful. there have been a lot of women who fell preg after one round of clomid. good luck


Mrs.N - March 15

Thanks Kim I'll ckeck it out.



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