First time on chlomid
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Teddyfinch - January 8

whitekitty: i believe the trigger shots make you ovulate within 36 hours of it. not quite sure though. that's what i've heard. early40: most doctors usually put women on clomid for 6 months before taking a break so 3 months will be fine. just make sure they do the bloodwork to make sure it's working before upping the dosage.


early40 - January 9

Teddyfinch thank you for the advice. good luck to all. Will keep in touch.


mazlouise - January 9

Hello ladies...just wondering if you could help? I am on my first cycle of clomid (50mg), and have taken 2 doses so far. Today, I have ovulation pains, both sides, and some brown tinged discharge.....(sorry, tmi) I am currently cd7, and definately NOT pg - it's too early for o.....are these symptoms normal do you think?


sarah35 - January 9

MAZ*** Midcyle spotting is totally normal is a good sign that ovulation is impending. Its the estrogen dropping off.... and there isnt enough preogersterone to sustain it. I currently have it too! I am cd9 took my clomid 2-6.... so i think im going to ovulate on friday or saturday.... BTW, i got this information from "Taking Charge of Your Fertility".... has lots of good info for ladies looking to learn about "signs" our bodies give us to tell is what is/isnt happening. ******baby dust 2 u*********


Jill.T. - January 9

Mazlouise, I'm on my second dose of clomid 100mg. When I first starting taking it I had the same side effects as you did. You can ovulate at anytime. I doesn't have to be 5-12 days after you start taking it. It's whenever your body decides to ovulate. I found that the pain got really bad then faded so I figured that I had ovulated. My doc said I did ovulate, for the first time Yeah!!! but my eggs were not good for pregnancy. Keep your hopes up it'll get better. I have no pain this month, so i'm thinking I didn't ovulate, or is my body just used to the hormones??? I don't know, good luck


mazlouise - January 9

Thanks guys...that makes me feel so much better.....I was really worried! x


calyco - January 22

Hello all! I think I just need some encouragement. I took my first round of chlomid at the beginning of Jan and had my blood work yesterday. It came back that I wasn't ovulating. I have to increase the dose with my next cycle. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this normal?


Niki M - February 3

Hi again!! Great baby news...we are 7 weeks pregnant!!! My last period was on Dec 20th. I took clomid the 24th thru the 28th (days 5-9). I started taking OPKs about day 12 or 13. Got a positive result on my last test which was on Jan 4th. I went in for blood work on cd 21 and my progesterone was at 26 which I was told was really good. Found out on Jan 16th that I was a month pregnant!! I also have PCOS so I was even more discouraged about being able to get pregnant, but here I am. Keep up hope ladies. I did really well on the clomid as well. A few hot flashes at night and a little moodiness but that was it. When I found out I was pregnant I actually thought I was getting ready to start my period. I had the cramps and all. So far so good. Go to the doc for my first appt on the 12th. Hopefully all is well and stays that way! Good luck and stay positive. Baby dust to all!!!


andrea o - February 4

Niki, Congratulations! I am starting Clomid this month and have been very discouraged until I read your "blog". Did you have any negative reactions or side effects?


Niki M - February 11

andrea o - didn't really have any side effects from the clomid. i was terrified at first b/c i had read about horrible side effects and how miserable it can make you. i noticed a night or two i had some hot flashes but it was never that bad. my husband said i was a little moodier but he's still hanging around so it must not have been too horrible ; ) besides that though i had no issues. so i was either really lucky or it's just not as bad as everyone says. good luck to you though!!! let me know if it works for you!


huktress - February 12

Well hello ladies im a newby, i have been taking 100mg cholmid for about 18 months from day 2 till 6 of my period. i have had no side affects, and been pregnant twice unfortunatly both ending at 5 and a halfs weeks. I have been told by doctors i have pcos (polycystic overies) and now due to my second miscarry it could be belighted ovum not fully sure how i can try and make things better for myself as its all going against me. i dont understand why its so hard.


Ms.Brooks - February 13

i too am on my first round of clomid. but this is my second time. DH and i tried a few years ago, but stopped after the first round. we decided to try again. i'm on cd 45 with still no AF and negative HPT and blood test. its very very discouraging when you are TRYING. days feel like months... but yes DH told me he didn't like feeling "pressured". of course laughing about it, but i could tell he was having some "performance anxiety!"


gretch - February 14

Hello. I just joined this board too. I am on my third round of chlomid. I took it one other time, and we got pregnant that month. I have endometriosis. I have had hot flashes and weird dreams. I have also been very emotional. Sometimes when we read our daughter her bedtime stories, I end up crying. She just looks at me and wipes my tears. We tried for almost two years before we got pregnant with our first. We have been trying for almost a year now for our second. We are hoping it happens. Hang in there. I know it's not easy. It will happen.


crf_schiltrg - February 20

I am taking my last Clomid pill today, Day 7. This is my first round. I know stress can play a part...get weekly massages or something right for you that will help you lower the stress. I have been doing accupuncture as well. Also, my doctor highly recommended IUI. She said that Clomid makes the cervical mucus thicken which can make it harder for the sperm to find the egg. So she suggested IUI either once or twice! I am surprised that not many women have mentioned that. Has anyone else been told this by the doc?


cecille - March 3

hello..i've just finished my clomid yesterday..i'ved take this from day 2 of my menstruation for 5 days, 400mg per day. 100mg per day does not work for me..side effects? well i've exprienced blurred vision especially everytime i opened my eyes in the morning..i have a schedule of trans-V ultrasound this coming March 8 anfd hoping for a good husband and i was very excited to make a baby during my fertility period.good luck for us...good luck to all of you..god bless u always..


aneta1 - March 22

hi huktress, I normally don't post but I had to reply to your post. You have been taking chlomid for 18months? I thought that is too long to take chlomid as it has a risk of ovarian cancer b/c you are producing more eggs due to the medicine and that process increases the chances of ovarian cancer. Since you have faced two miscarriages, I think you should try medicine, Metformin. It is commonly recommended for PCOS patients. And please change your doctor and go to a Reproductive Endochronologist. It seems to me that your doctor is not treating you correctly. Good Luck. Sorry about the miscarriages. It was sad to hear.



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