First time IUI success?
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Nikki101 - January 14

Yea I figured that had to be the issue


prayingforbaby2012 - January 17

HELLO OUT THERE.....??? Is anyone on this thread anymore ?? Wanting to hear success stories.....(o:


runnershirl - January 17

Hello everyone...thought I'd throw in a success story. I haven't been following this thread since I was actively involved in it in 09/10, but I'm sure I was rather detailed back then as to our issues...but to the best that I can recall the details:

My DH and I tried for 3.5 years roughly. I have a pituitary microadenoma which can throw off your hormone levels and at 38/39 years old (then) my cycles were irregular.

We did our first IUI using Gonal F and Femara, then the 2nd IUI --same thing (the following month). That time I thought I had implantation bleeding--very dark and heavy. Then a couple days later my AF started...RE wasn't sure when to tell me to "start" the gonal F, so they told me to "sit it out". Being told previously by RE's that I had less than 6 mos to conceive (based on previously lessening egg reserve levels) there was no "sitting it out" in my book. The month of my 2nd IUI, I decided to return to my acupuncturist to start destressing. I was going 2x weekly, so when the RE told me to sit it out, I asked the homeopathic dr/acupuncturist group what herbs they could recommend. That month they gave me a little bottle of some small round black pills (wish I could remember the name of them--something like Xa Xai Xioux or something like that)--it cost all of $20, and they agreed to do acupuncutre 30 min prior to my next IUI (which remember, this month I didn't use any gonal F/Femara)...So, I did 2 back-to-back IUI's (despite my arguing with the RE to do it that way..they told me they never did it that way and I told them, "does that prevent you from doing it this way now?" Nope...So, we went forward. I kept both acupuncture appts, rested before and after the IUI for rest of weekend (which I hadn't done before) and was also taking progesterone and aspirin (family had blood clotting issues). Not sure how related that is, but regardless, that was my protocal. I did not have implantation bleeding the next month, but 8 days after IUI #3, the homeopathic dr. told me I had "slippery pulse" which is consistent of BFP...I did test and it was BFN. I set up test at end of 2WW at RE office and confirmed BFN. At 14 days the HCG was 214 I think...a couple days later it went to 1000ish. Also, I might mention that my hormones were so high and due to my age, i was classified as a 1 in 10 chance for a downs baby...we opted to keep the baby and let what fate may be...and we have a beautiful PERFECT baby girl (who is now 21 months old). She was born exactly 38.5 weeks later by c-section after my water broke naturally, weighing in at 11 lbs 3 oz. (No, no gest. diabetes, either...just think my hormones played tricks on me.)

I hope this in some ways gives you all hope. Don't give up or lose hope or say "okay I'll wait it out" just because the dr. will be inconvenienced. your research (you are, because you're here) and ask for what you want. Baby dust to all!


runnershirl - January 17

OH, my the end of my novel, I meant to say that I had BFP...after day 8 after IUI, all tests were BFP...


prayingforbaby2012 - January 17

THANKS "runnershirl" for sharing your story. I got the itch to POAS at 8dpiui and it was a BFN....)O: I plan to test again tomorrow morning, 10dpiui, with a different brand HPT...I am hoping my 1st IUI is a success. The 2ww is torture....grrrr.....I hear a lot of women on here mentioning acupuncture. I may look nto that and give it a try if this cycle is a bust..keep your fingers crossed for me and congratualtions on your baby girl !!


lizbee - January 17

Hello everyone!
I posted here a few times during our first round if IUI's back in October/November/December 2010. After 3 failed IUI's my husband and I took an entire year off of fertility treatments to save up for IVF. Our fertility issue is my husbands, he has 2% good sperm, and the rest have bad morphology. Our RE told us we had a 1-2% chance of conceiving naturally and we will find greater success in IVF. So we saved for a year and in December went back to our RE. We took an IVF class on December 21st, which was very informative and scheduled our IVF bloodwork for January 4th. When we went in for bloodwork we were told it would be 6-12 weeks of procedures before we could take a pregnancy test to find out if IVF was a success.
Within 6 hours of our bloodwork the Dr's office was calling us back informing me NOT to fill the prescriptions they had given me because... I AM PREGNANT! This was 2 weeks ago and yesterday we saw our baby and the heartbeat! We are 6 weeks along and due September 9th.
We are being coined the SURPRISE BABY at the Dr's office! It truly is a miracle! We never stopped praying for a baby throughout this 3 year journey. And we won't stop praying for a healthy baby until we are holding ours in our hands in September.
I wanted to let you all know that miracles do happen! Don't stop believing in them! We had a 2% chance! And that chance, with NO drugs, or treatments has turned into a 100% baby!


prayingforbaby2012 - January 17

"LIZBEE" that is GREAT news !!! It makes me so happy to hear stories like this. CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD LUCK on your pregnancy journey. May GOD bless your growing baby !!


Erin3015 - January 17

Hi ladies,

Checking in.... things are going good. For those of you who don't know my story I found this board when we were TTC. I have PCOS and wasn't ovulating regularly, I tried clomid and it wasn't working so after a few months we switched over to injectables and IUI... and on the first try we got pregnant with twins! Our little boys are doing awesome and are growing like crazy in there. I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and getting into the last few weeks of my pregnancy. I just wanted to check in and say keep the faith. It is super hard, especially the 2WW. If anything I always say keep informed, read, meditate, try new things. Know that you will eventually become a mother, somehow someway. Hope your all well. xoxo



prayingforbaby2012 - January 17

CONGRATS TO YOU ERIN on your TWINS !!....I hear of women using injectables. Is this different than the trigger shot before the IUI ? I did Clomid days 3-7 of my period, the trigger shot the 8th of Jan and the IUI the 9th of Jan. I had 4 follicles measuring 16-22mm....I have had lots of symptoms but my dr told me that there are several symptoms that mimic pregnancy when using fertility drugs. I think that is the most frustrating part. I try not to analyze everything going on with my body but it's hard not to...GRRR...



carriebeth5379 - January 18

Hi everyone,

I have posted on a few other boards on other sites when we learned about our unexplained infertility. All of my lab results were normal, but I have an abnormal menstrual cycle and randomly ovulate. I was unresponsive to Clomid under the care of my OBGYN, so now we have scheduled a consultation with an RE. I am very excited about this because everything up until now has been very frustrating and disappointing. Our insurance does not touch anything related to infertility, so everything has been out of pocket thus far and so will the IUIs and injectables. I have been reading way too many depressing IUI and IVF stories (unsuccessful attempts, miscarriages, etc.). I am really hoping that this first IUI will work and I will be able to carry the baby to term. The most frustrating part for me is that I am only 25 (26 in March) so I spend a lot of time asking why is this happening to me. Most information that I come across is about women over 30. Is there anyone who is in their 20s and experiencing infertility? I appreciate the positive stories that I have read on this board and I hope everyone gets the BFPs that they are waiting for.


Erin3015 - January 18

Hey prayingforbaby, yea injectables are different. It is basically a stronger drug than clomid that you inject for about 5 or so days prior to the trigger shot and IUI. I had some preg. Symptoms but the symptoms I had later on in my 2WW were super strong sense of smell and I craved spicy food every day it seemed, lol. I tested on day 12 and got a super faint positive, I tested again the next day 13 and it was definitely positive. I had 4 follicles of different sizes ad maturity and ended up with two. Hope this helps! Try to be patient, trust me I know its hard! Xoxo


prayingforbaby2012 - January 18

Thanks ERIN for the do you use injectables OR Clomid or can they be used together ?? I have had dizziness, fatigue, nausea, sore breasts, increase in CM, headaches, cramping (very mild), and unquenchable thirst. The thing that's frustrating is that all of these are possible side effects from Clomid and the trigger shot...I may talk to my RE about injectables instead of using the Clomid next time. I am still keeping my fingers crossed and praying for a blessing from above that this cycle was a success...I had 4 follies as well 3 on the left measuring 22, 19, 18 and 1 on the right measuring RE kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to go through with the IUI being that I had 4 mature follies and there was a higher chance of multiples and now I am not so sure this cycle even worked. I have 4 more days so I will think positive thoughts...(o:


Erin3015 - January 18

Your welcome,

My advice is wait and see what happens with this cycle. I will be the first to tell you multiple pregnancy is no walk in the park and I only have two in there. I know moms who have had 3 or 4 even and the complications, cost, and general stress to your mind and body are a lot to take, but it can be done. If your getting mature follicles with clomid, which it sounds like you are... stick with that. Most REs will not let you go to injectables unless clomid is not working. If you are confident in your Dr. listen to him/her and their professional advice. The last thing you want is to get pregnant with 6 babies and have to face the choice of reduction.
Injectables have a lot higher chance of producing multiples.In my case on clomid my follicles would develop and then stop growing, or they would shrink. They told me I could stay with clomid and they would monitor me more closely, but clomid is a carcinogenic drug and I had already been on it for about 4-5 months. My husband and I discussed the risks of multiple pregnancy and were comfortable with our choice. I know for sure my 4 follicles were not all as big as yours, and I ended up with twins.
I know it's frustrating, ugh I can remember wondering if it would ever happen for us... but it did. The cycle that worked we tried to relax, and just be hopeful and I think that helped a lot. I finally got to a place where I knew I would be a Mom, either by pregnancy or adoption etc. Positive thoughts to you, xoxo


prayingforbaby2012 - January 18

A friend of mine had triplets, they are 2 now, and I know she went through a lot. She got pregnant naturally with no meds which was the shocker. I know I need to focus on my health and by no means am I asking for more than I can handle. I didn't realize the injectables had a higher risk for multiples. I just thought it would be a more aggresive approach. The Clomid worked great for me so I am sure my RE will try that again. I do trust that he is doing what he knows is best for me and my situation. I just need to practice a little patience !!

You mentioned in an earlier post that you are having boys...any names picked out yet ?


Erin3015 - January 18

I in no means was trying to say anything negative towards you! I am sorry if it came of that way. Looking back now at my four follicles I would have waited until te next cycle if they were all mature, just out of fear, lol. I really do think the clomid will work for you... Hey you never know you could be pregnant right now! We have picked a few names, but are waiting to decide until we see them in the hospital, which hopefully will be in six weeks :)


prayingforbaby2012 - January 19

Erin3015, I didn't think you were negative in any way. I agree with you 100%...I am now on day 11 piui....getting closer to knowing for sure. Chatting with you has made me feel a little more positive...(o:

Do the doctors think you will make it to 40 weeks ?



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