First time IUI success?
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Wanted:Baby - December 7

Nikki, bHCG (beta) and Progesterone testing are usually done in early pregnancy to monitor progression and detect ectopic or falling pregnancies. Some Drs prescribe progesterone if you body doesnt produce enough to help with healthy pregnancy. It can also be used to detect Infertility or monitor ovulation.


Nikki101 - December 8

o ok thanks wantedbaby, i was just being concerned because i recently just had my iui tuesday and the nursed want me to go get a progesterone test done on the 13 but she told me that the doctor cant't tell if im pregnant by then.


beachprynces - December 9

I am getting so frustrated!!!! I feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster, I am mad all time I am home. I dont want to be touched, I am just so moody!!! Its only been 6 days since my IUI, how am I suppose to stay same for another 8 days??? My husband says he is sick of all the treatments, I feel so alone, he doesnt understand and we havent told anyone we are going through these procedures so I literally have no one to talk to.... I am just so alone all I want is a baby, it shouldnt be this hard. I get so angry when I see those shows on tv of teens having babies or people hurting/killing babies. When am I gonna have my chance??? I would be a great mom!!!


Nikki101 - December 9

beachprynces keep your head up guryl i know it's hard and i uderstand how you feel i felt the same way. It may make you feel better if you tell someone close to you that you are going through this. At first i didn't want to tell nobody and i isolated myself from all of my family and friends and they didn't understand why so i only told a few close family members and my best friend and that helped me a whole lot because a lot of anger was starting to build up in me. Sometimes i even just go to a quiet spot and just talk to God and cry it all out. So we all are in this together you are not alone everyday i get better and better because i have put my faith in God that im going to have my little miracle soon. Goodluck keep us posted.



Beachprynces I agree with Nikki101. I also can totally relate to what you are saying regarding really wanting a baby and not being able to have one. It does help to have somebody to talk to, hence how great this forum is! Talking to your best friend or close family member is helpful too, but only people who are trying and cannot or have not conceived yet can totally understand and relate. I have lots of friends who know that i am trying IUI's and such, but only the one friend that also cannot have a baby is the one that understands the most. I hope and pray that God will bless us all with a baby and soon! As much as we want to look at all those teen moms and "bad" parents with kids and think it is not fair and such, it only makes things worse for your and lowers your faith and spirit, therefore, just keep praying that your next try will be the one that takes!


Nikki101 - December 10

Wishingforbaby you are so right, that's exactly how it is people who havent been thru this don't understand us at all, n it's hard because they will say things like it's time for yall to have a baby when dey have no clue what we are going thru n it just makes me angry. By me going thru dis I don't ask a newly wed couple wen d baby
Comming cuz I dnt know wat dey cud b going thru.


iriseyes52081 - December 12

Hi all.. Im new to the forum and was reading your posts... This is so hard... I am in the end of my 2ww, I had my first iui on the 29th of November... I am normally a 34 day cycle so I need to wait until Thursday, I took a test on Saturday and it was BFN! which is disappointing, but could also mean it is too early, but it also means my orvidrel shot is no longer in my system which is good... I am having some cramping today, but not like AF cramping different, but I am also soooo nervous, anyway, looking for any advice and baby dust to all!!


lfisher2 - December 15

Hey ladies! I am somewhat new to this thread... I have pcos and I had to go to a fertility dr. March 2010, after 1 failed IUI I got the BFP I was finally looking for after the 2nd IUI. December 3, 2010 I gave birth to a beautiful babygirl. When I was trying to get preggo back then, my husband was in Iraq and he had left his sperm behind so I was doing it all alone. I remember feeling so frustrated and so alone. Now looking back, I am so glad I went through it all. My daughter is so precious and it was all def. worth it! Now, my husband and I decided to try again. I started Femara 5mg. today and I take it days 3-7 and then on the 12th day I will start checking for ovulation. If all goes according to plan, I will be inseminated around the 26-27th? I just want to tell you all that it is possible and that last time being on this forum helped me out so much! You can see some of my posts back on pg. 51. Baby dust to all!!!

Feb. 2010- Clomid 75mg days 3-7, Ovidrel shot day 12, IUI day 14 (FAILED)
March 2010- Femara 5mg days 3-7, Ovidrel shot day 12 (2 follicles 19.3 &20), IUI day 14 (SUCCESS!)


beachprynces - December 19

Just wanted to let everyone know I got my period saturday night. The day before I was suppose to test. I am sooooo devestated, when is it ever going to be my turn???


Nikki101 - December 19

So sorry beachprynces keep your head up guryl my cycle was due 2 day but havent came on n I suppose 2 test 2 morrow I am so scard I'm am hoping and praying that God has answered my prayers. My fingers are crossed. Gudluck to all.


beachprynces - December 20

I wish you all the luck for tommorrow... I am going to have to sit out this cycle also because I will be traveling during ovulation time, I am very dissapointed but am hoping 2012 is my year!!!


hopesforthebest42 - December 20

Stay stong ladies!!! I know it's very hard as my husaband and I tried for 7 years and got no where. After my first IUI and taking clomid I'm 25 weeks pregnant. I thought the longest time of my life was the between the time I had my IUI and the date I could take the test. Now I think the longest time is until he is born. I know it's a very hard thing I just tried to stay busy because we told no one we where having all these problems and that was really hard for me not having any one to talk to. Reading these website helped me a lot get through that time. Good luck to you all and hope 2012 is your year!!


Nikki101 - December 21

iriseyes52081 how did it go have you tested yet?


Nikki101 - December 21

just letting everyone know that my 1st iui was a bummer tested this moring it was negative and then AF showed up :-( so now debating if i want to give it another try or not.


iriseyes52081 - December 21

Hi Nikki,
Yes I tested and it was a BFN! but we will try again in January, we will be doing the iui twice, this time we only did it once, so hopefully next time will be it... I think my body is playing mean tricks on me, b/c it waiting until the very last minute and AF showed up :( but there is still hope out there!


Nikki101 - December 21

I know how u feel ur not alone though i tested this morning and got a BFN i wasn't upset as i thought i would be though but i feel sad i really had wanted this for christmas. Maybe 2012 would be the year for us.



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