First time IUI success?
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GraceL - September 20

wow congrats a1koolstarz!!!! that's so amazing! Keep us updated on your progress.
Chorona, I don't think it's weird that you were relieved to take a break. We need to have a break from our hopes being SO high. Plus, your body was being good to you! that is always exciting and encouraging! I've heard that happening a lot actually. women never or rarely ovulating, and they take drugs, don't get pregnant, but when they go off them they start ovulating on their own and get pregnant. It's like it kickstarts your body. I've been told that taking anxiety/depression meds can eventually train your body to start making more seratonin on it's own, so why can't fertility drugs? Good luck Chorona, I hope this is the cycle!

According to my last iui, I should be getting AF tuesday (tomorrow), and be able to test wednesday, the day after, if I don't get AF I am soooo nervous! Ok so I have tried so hard not to look into any symptoms but let me tell you guys what i've dealt with so far that has been out of the ordinary. 5 days ago I started getting REALLY bad acid reflux...and I had it for 3 days whenever I would eat almost anything, like a brownie. But the same day that I had it from the brownie, my husband wanted to grab food while we were out and we went to a chicken place and I was instantly craving spicy buffalo tenders. I don't normally eat a lot of spicy things and they sometimes give me hearburn so i don't know what I was thinking. I got them, they were wonderful and i didn't get heartburn from it. Then, yesterday we went with a new couple from church to get japanese and I was looving the spicy sauce they brought and dipping like everything in it. still no acid reflux. Later in the day we went to the grocery store and we needed american cheese... i was looking at the section and my eyes went to a pack that said jalapeno cheese and I was instantly like "ooo that sounds soo good" my husband made fun of me but I still ended up getting pepperjack cheese instead of the kind i've always bought in the last 4 years. OK that was really long winded... but does anyone think that this could be a sign of pregnancy?? I know i only have a couple days to wait but still, haha

good luck to everyone and I'll post an update in a couple days! hopefully a good one!


stacy1225 - September 20

Hello Ladies! This is my first post! I have been reading all of your posts and wanted to join in! I had my first IUI on friday, sept, 17, 2010. I am now in the 2ww. I took Femara 5mg cd 3-7, had ultrasound on cd 12, hcg trigger shot that night at 8:30 pm and IUI 36 hours later. We have been ttc on and off for 3 years. DH had 10 million motile sperm post wash. I am so nervous/excited! I wish you all good luck! Any advice on the 2ww?


slyjain - September 21

hi everyone..i have been reading your post from page 1 till now which took me one week to finish, it feel so good to find a forum like this knowing that we are all going through the same process.

i had my 1st iui last sept 6th and today is my 14dpiui i went for hpt and it came back BFN really negative. i have a very light pink/brownish and very little spotting. its like 2 drop only started yesterday which is 13dpiui. no real AF yet. i called the clinic and the nurse told me to wait till 27th. if no AF come we will do the blood test.

i am 23 years old and have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years now. after 2 months of no success with clomid and progesteron alone my doc had advise me to have an IUI. so last month she put me on clomid CD3 to CD& twice a day and 6 injections of MERIONAL. on my CD12 i went for US to check my follicles, i have 10 follicles 4 in the right and 6 on the left all size varies from 19mm to 20mm. so i had my iui the following day CD13, i did'nt know about my husband sperm count but the doctor said its good not perfect. two days after my iui CD15 i had a very heavy and very painful cramping going on and my bbs is really very sore and painful. the cramping lasted for about 5 days but no changes in my bbs still sensitive and sore. for the past 3 days i can feel slight cramping which i normally feel before i get my AF.

seeing a BFN is really very prostrating and depressing. very stressful. when i saw 2 negative i can help but cry. i am just really lucky to have a very supporting husband, who always tells me that everything is gonna be alright.

wish you all the best of luck and baby dust to all of us..

congrats a1koolstarz..been reading your post and really happy for u. hopefully everything goes well with your pregnancy..


a1koolstarz - September 21

Thank you GraceL and slyjain! Slyjain, I feel like we have a lot in common, I'm 23 as well and had been trying for a year and a half before this miracle baby has come along. Finally after 1 yr of trying, I told my husband we needed to go get checked out. They couldnt find too much going on with us, I have irregular periods and my husband has an okay count, so they put us on Clomid and we did our first cycle. I only produced 1 egg on clomid (which I've been told that most women produce many more than that) but we didnt conceive that month. We just did our second IUI on August 29th and I had 2 eggs that had been produced via clomid. The next day I had some serious cramping going on, which made me believe I ovualted the day after my IUI- and low and behold, we conceived!

Dont get too down about the BFN's, your husband is right, everything will be okay and you will get pregnant. (Somehow men know this but women cant understand this concept!) haha It will happen sooner than you think. As hard as it is, stay positive and strong, you will need alot of that after you find out your pregnant.

Good luck to you and the other women this month!! *Sticky Baby* and Sticky Babydust* to all who have conceived and are trying this month!


GraceL - September 21

Quick question... how do you guys count your days post IUI? do you count the day of the IUI?


stacy1225 - September 22

GraceL, you dont count the day of the IUI. The day after your IUI would be 1dpiui.

QUESTION: i am 4dpIUI and i only have my right ovary and I have been having pain on my right side around my ovary on and off today, not sure why but does anyone know what it could be or has anyone experienced this? THANKS!


slyjain - September 22

thank you a1koolstarz.... you make me feel better and give me a positive energy on my second iui.

well its confirm i was'nt really successful on my first iui..just had my AF came last night. have to go back to my doc again for the second plan of iui...hope it will all go well... back on merional injection hu hu..i hate injection...

baby dust to everyone here...and more BFP to come for us..


GraceL - September 22

Girls I'm going crazy... I'm 14dpiui. My dr said to test on day 15. I have been having cramps like I was about to get my period for almost two days now, but they have slowed since last night. They were a little different than my regular period cramps... more dull, not sharp like usual, I even felt a feeling of heat in my abdomen which I usually don't get. On my first IUI cycle I got AF on day 13, spotting on day 12. I took a test today and it was negative but still no period. I'm going nutsy! Do you think it means anything that I haven't started AF yet when according to my last IUI i started a day and a half earlier than where I'm at now? again, I can't think of anything else. haha


slyjain - September 23

gracel..symptoms can always mean something else than the other. just keep your faith and heads up. maybe this is your lucky day...think positive.

i am going to have my second iui on october 2. i hope this second one will work this time...

best of baby luck everyone...


chorona - September 23

GraceL, today is day 15!!! Have you tested yet?!?!? I'm dying to know what the outcome is. Hopefully you'll have good news for us.

I'm 7dpo and have another week to go before I can test. I'm trying not to read too much into anything but my nipples have been super sensitive since I o'd on the 17th and I've had some lower back pain. Not sure if it's pre-AF symptoms or pregnancy symptoms. Guess I'll have to wait unitl Oct 1st.

I decided to take on a whole new attitude to this baby making journey. Whenever I test and it's negative I get very upset, cry, and feel very angry and frustrated. If it doesn't work this time around I am going to shrug it off (as best as I can) and try to be as positive as possible. I'm not a super religious person but I have faith that God has a plan fo rus and if it doesn't happen now then He knows best when it's our time. A co-worker of mine told me to be positive and send out positive vibes and it will happen. He asked me how I reacted when every time I found out it was negative and I told him and his instant reply was, that's why it's not happening. I'm sending out positive vibes when I'm in the 2ww but then negative vibes when I test. He said to find the positive in everything and eventually it will happen.
I know that this might sound a bit corny but I truly believe it. After 6 months of treatments I have finally accepted that it will be a difficult journey and rather than making it harder on myself, I will make it easier. I honestly think that it will happen once we all let go of the anger that it hasn't happened yet.

Where are the rest of the ladies that got a BFN last cycle?! Are you all on a new cycle. Keep us posted!!

***baby dust!***


ingenue - October 3

Hi all, I've been reading all your posts and this is my first time participating in any form, we've been tic for almost 2 yrs now, and on sept 20 I did an iui. My 2ww is almost over, if I do get Af (I hope to God I don't) it would be tomorrow the 4th. I'm dying to test but I just do t want to see a negative.
Chorona what happened with u? What about GraceL? Talk to me!:)


chorona - October 4

Hi ladies,
It's been a while since I've posted. As you all know I didn't do an IUI this past cycle. We went with timed intercourse because the Puregon didn't quite work as we'd planned. I tested on Friday and got a BFN. I wasn't even upset. I had teted twice before going to the clinic and already knew hte results. Now I get a bit of a break. DH is going away in 2 weeks for 5 days and I suspect that that's when I will ovulate. Although I'm 100% positive because I'm not on meds this month so who knows if my body will do it on its own.
The clinic has informed me that Nov. 28th is the last day that they are taking day 1 calls before hte holidays. They are closed for 2 weeks. I have my af now because I stopped the progesterone, but I don't kno wif I'll get af again before then on my own. If not then we have to wait until the new year to start treatment again.

In a way I'm happy with the break. I've been putting too much pressure on myself over this so it's good not to think about it for a bit. We have an appointment at the end of this month with the doctor to discuss what my next cycle will be and to talk about IVF. DH is usually the one that wants to try as many IUIs as possible and put off IVF but he's already told me that he wants to do only 1 more IUI and then go to IVF.

GraceL what happened to you? I hope you have good news for us!!
Ingenue, you test today! Have you gotten your results yet? Good luck to you!

Baby dust to all!!!!


ingenue - October 4

Hi chorona! Isn't it funny how not trying can turn into relief! I did that this summer cause my dh and I were in different places due to family circumstances, was soo relieved to not worry about af coming or not. Well, on that note, Af showed up last nite (completely uninvited). I thought I cud handle it, but I've been depressed all day. Spoke to my doc, she wants to put me on clomid 100 mg for this next iui cycle starting on day 2-6. Anyone know if that's a lot to start off with (I think I'm gonna ignore her and start with 50mg) Also, I've read in different places that u normally shud start day 3-7.
Every month I start the same way: full of hope and optimism, af comes, I crash and burn, and cycle continues. I hope to God everyone in this forum gets bfp's so we don't have to go thru anymore of this.


chorona - October 4

Hi ingenue!
So much relief right now. Obviously I want to have a baby pretty badly but at the same time I need to keep my stress and sanity in check. lol

As for your Clomid, I would take the dosage that your dr prescribed. My first cycle I did 100mg of Clomid day 3-7 followed by 2 back to back IUIs. That is the max that my clinic will give in Clomid. I got pregnant but it turned out to be a chemical pregnancy. Then I did 2 5mg Letrozole cycles with IUIs, and the last cycle was 75iu of Puregon with timed intercourse.

Sorry to hear about your af coming. I know how upsetting it can be. Trust me when I tell you that I've cried plenty of tears in the last 7 months of trying. This was a the first time where I didn't get upset. We have to think positive. It didn't happen now but it will happen eventually.

What is your infertility issue? Do you have PCOS?

Anyway, I think you should follow your dr advice and do the 100mg. As for the days that you take it, I've read different start dates, it all depends on your dr and your hormone levels.

Best of luck!!


ingenue - October 4

Chorona we have the lovely "unexplained infertility" card! Been trying on our own for almost 2 yrs now. Last month decided to bring in the big guns...
Ur right, I'm gonna go with what the doc prescribed...and so it is.
Do u know if I can take red raspberry leaf tea while on clomid?


alrndn - October 5

i'm back in the 2ww. my husband and i have discussed our options of becoming parents and we've decided that this will be our last round of fertility treatments. (at least for a while anyway) we are pursuing adoption. i had 4 good follicles this cycle and we get to test on oct 16th. to be honest, with us going for an adoption. i don't feel near as anxious or worried about this cycle.



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