First time IUI success?
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CAI - March 23

lfisher2, nice size follicles... here's wishing and praying for an easy IUI on Wednesday.


CAI - March 23

Hi YellowMutt, hope that by Friday your follies are matured, talk to them :) I normally go for my u/s on CD12, what day did you scan? Here's hoping and praying for you as well my dear.


YellowMutt - March 23

CAI Monday was day 14 for me. my cycle is so long, that I am about a week behind where most normal people are. So hopefully by friday, things will look better...I had a few 11's and a 13 right now. So I am thinking IUI on Mon the 29th, which will be day 21 for me.


Patty49 - March 24

Hello All - I'm new to this forum. I just had y 1st IUI on March 20th with HCG trigger on March 19th. Did an addt'l BD on March 21st just to be sure. Diagnosed with DOR and had one follie that was almost 19mm for this cycle. Did IUI to increase our chances of having DH closer to the egg. We are praying this works. We have only been trying for 9 months but found out 2 months ago my fsh is 23 and so I don't have many good quality or high quantity of follicles left and we need to be agressive. I have been soooo nervous during the 2ww. I have had some slight cramping 3dpiui not sure if its b/c of the shot and the procedure or af coming earlier than I want! I can't test until next weekend April 3rd - I praying its a sign that we will be prego since its Easter weekend. I wish the time would go by a little faster haha --- anywho just looking for people going through similar experiences and came across this forum. GoodLuck and Baby Dust to all!


AdoptedByLight - March 24

Patty...I had my first IUI last Monday and my preg. test is March 29th (next Mon.) I have PCOS and had 6 follies this time around. I've done 3 cycles, but this is my first IUI. I'm thinking it didn't work b/c my RE said that the bloating I'm having would get worse if I were pregnant, but over these last couple of days, I almost feel normal again...with no bloating. I hope yours works!!! Good luck :-)


waitistoolong - March 24

hello adopted, actually me and my husband have been ttc since the last year ...i had all my checks done and nuthing is husband had a little sperm abnomality so we decided to go for IUI my progesterone levels are pretty normal 11.7 because i did not use AF is supposed to be in a day or two the RE has asked me to do a preg test on 26th that is why I am so scared to do that...if AF starts then the next cycle they will start my on Clomid first..then monitor.....on CD9 the nurse checked my follicle size which was 16 and said that if within 2 days i dont get my ovulation result positive then she was ready to give me the hcg shot but i got a positive according to her perdiction so medication nuthing for this cycle......i ve kept my fingers crossed and praying to GOD ...btw CAI what is ur status??


mssy419 - March 24

Patty- I am on my first IUI and will have to call the doc on the 3rd if I don't get my period. Im worried bc i really dont feel different. I'm not bloated or anything. I keep praying that it works, and am trying to convince myself that it will work, since we used a donor and there were really good swimmers. The 2ww is horrible! I feel like i'm going crazy, bc its all i think about :(


Patty49 - March 25

Adopted: I have been filling bloated already more so in the afternoon and evening than in the morning, with slight cramping that comes and goes with sharp pains and I have had some other stuff that's gross to talk about but I don't know if its too early to start feeling this. I'm trying not to get my hopes up about it as I know the odds are slim. Keep me posted on how it's going. Good Luck!!


Patty49 - March 25

Mssy - Are you calling the doc just to take a blood test to see if you are pregnant? I was told I could come in Friday for a blood test or take a HPT on Saturday and come in on Monday if its positive so they can check my hormone levels on top of the beta. I don't know if I feel different as much as I feel like AF is getting ready to come. I don't know how long implantation is supposed to take or when it should start - makes it hard to know what to think. I'm sooo nervous and am right there with ya - when you are trying this way it makes the 2ww wors and trying to have a baby more stressful.... it is different with every woman so you my not feel anything at all - don't get discouraged that's what BFF tells me and it helps :) good luck and baby dust to you! Keep me posted


mssy419 - March 25

Patty- My Doc told me to call to schedule a bloodtest to see if it worked, because I guess you could get a false positive if the HCG is still in your system. In a way, i'm ok with a bloodtest. I think it would be less painful than seeing a negative with a HPT. Also, i'd worry that I tested to early if i got a BFN. IDK...I keep going back and forth!


mssy419 - March 25

CAI- how have you been? Haven't heard from you in a while :)


AdoptedByLight - March 25

Patty - I had all those symptoms in the beginning, but that was b/c my ovaries were over stimulated. Is that a possibility for you? I certainly hope that's a good sign and not just coincidence. I feel completely normal now, but my friend says she felt normal and didn't take a test until 3 weeks after intercourse...and the line was faint. She's preg. with her 3rd (her 1st died in utero at 6 months gestation). So you are definitely right with different women having lots or no symptoms at all. AF hasn't visited me yet, so I'm hoping to make it to Monday...test day! Hope it works out for all of us!


AdoptedByLight - March 25

Waitstoolong....I thought you were having a pregnancy test on the 24th??? What happened with that?


Patty49 - March 26

Adopted: I don't know if my ovaries could be overstimulated. I guess with my high FSH level and the clomid it could be. This was my first cycle of clomid so I don't know how it affects my body yet. I hope AF doesn't come for you and you get a positive on Monday. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


Patty49 - March 26

Mssy: I understand completely - I should do that too - they gave me the option but this is my first time with all of this so I have no idea about anything. Are you testing Friday next week or going in Saturday?


aat83 - March 26

Hello everyone, how are you guys? Me good. Let me up date you guys on whats been going on with me. On 3/16 I had my second iui done with injectables and the trigger shot. Today is 9dpiui and I couldnt wait, so I did a hpt. It came back postive. Is it to early for the test to be correct? I know on the last iui I tested at days way before 9 and got big fat neg results. Im trying not to let myself get excited yet. This iui feel different to my body. Guys please help I need you to give me some feed back. Will not go to the doctor till Monday for actual test. I am going to lose it this weekend. Help! Even though haven't been posting have been keeping up with you guys. Welcome all you new comers. Baby dust to all.



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