First time Injection tonight
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gmh - October 5

Hi everyone, just trying to calm my nerves. Just return from blood work and U/S, waiting for result to do my very first injection tonight. Question, I hate needles and have to do the shot myself. It is the pen, but I am still nervious. Also how do the injection affect us emotionally, I have been doing Clomid, Femara, and HGS shots for three yr. and had no real problem on them it is just if I take a month off I feel like I am going through withdraw...
Don't know what to expect....


HeatherP - October 5

Hi there! I too was absolutely scared to death to do injections for the first time last month. They weren't near as bad as I thought. Do you have anyone that can help give you the shots? My DH gave me mine and they didn't hurt at all...just a slight pinch. I think the injectibles cause less side effects than Clomid. Good luck! Sending you lots of baby dust!!


gmh - October 5

HeatherP, thanks for the info. did you have the pen, for the injections ??


Ann1 - October 5

I am terrified of needles and I did all my shots (Lupron, Menopur, hcg, and Follistim pen) myself. There were several times where I sat and cried for 30 minutes before I could make myself do it. My dh hates needles, too, but said he would do it. I decided to do them myself, though. With the pen, the needle is super small and it doesn't hurt at all. It is a little awkward to hold to give your self the shot, however. It was easiest for me to hold it w/my thumb on the thing you push down, becuase when I did it with my finger on it, I couldn't push it easily w/o moving the pen around. Good luck and I totally know what you are going through.



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