First Round of Clomid Anyone?
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ema52 - October 19

I will be starting on Clomid once AF arrives. This will be my first round of Clomid. I'm not sure what to expect. I'm starting on 50mg CD 3-7. Anyone in the same boat?


linds99 - October 19

I got liver/stomach pains from it the first time I took it last July (50 on cd 5-9). I also got hot flashes. It screws with your temperature a bit. As they upped the dosage to 100, I started having weird vision issues, seeing lights.


Tenk - October 19

I will be taking it as soon as AF arrives, she's now 3 days late tho. But, I'm not pregnant...3 BFN's. I do not have a prescription tho. Good luck


chandellina - October 19

hi there, i just finished my first round of clomid on the 17th. i took 50mg days 2-6. i have had virtually no side effects - i felt a bit of anxiety the first day and my vision has possibly seemed slightly blurry at times but that's about it. good luck with it. i did notice it raised my temperature on the days i took it.


ema52 - October 19

Tenk, how many clomid rounds for you? And chandellina, please let me know how it goes for you. I don't know what to expect. linds99, I hope your s/e get better and wish you a BFP! I thought AF had come for me yesturday, but it was just spotting and then it stopped. For the first time in my life, I hope AF comes soon so I can start on Clomid! I've heard a lot of success stories.


tanner789 - October 20

i'm glad to hear you've heard alot of success stories, i have yet to read some good news on this med, i am on my second month of clomid 100 mg 5-9. i'm on my second day of the pill tonight. the only thing i experienced last month was alot of hot flashes, my dr said its bacuse my hormones are messed up, and very emtional a week after being off of the med. it didnt work for me the 1st month didt even make me ovulate, best of luck, i pray this month is better


isa - October 20

tried it at 100mg and inj 1st month but it thinned my lining too much so we did cycle #2 with 50mg and inj and it still thinned my lining too much so we gave up on it and I've only been on injections since. if you can take it at night you wont notice the hot flashes cuz your sleeping. I didnt notice much with it, a bit moody but not bad. I think I was lucky. I took it cd2-7 (6 nights). My bbt never raised on it (too bad as my temps run low)


ema52 - October 20

I need some advice: I started my period two days ago and have to start clomid on 3-7. My period has been very light, and I know that the doctor told me to count my cycle days not until red comes (sorry tmi). Should I wait , because this is CD 3. and technically I am suppose to start Clomid today, or should I start counting until red comes?


tanner789 - October 20

in my opionion i would start the clomid, if your having 3 days of bleeding its probably your period, mine last month was more brownish like the end of a period usually is, i think thats b/c i didnt ovulate and had to use provera to make it come on. but definetly start the clomid, but thats just me


ema52 - October 21

Thanks tanner789. I will start today.


ROBYN - October 21

I also did Clomid with HCG trigger shot started at 50 all the way to 150mg. The side effects for me were hot flashes, extreme irritability, mood swings and very emotional. After 4 months it didnt work I did ovulate on the 150 but we are now starting IVF our 1st cycle. Good luck to you.


tk07 - October 21

Hello, I was very curious about the same thing as you ema52. I had some red only in the morning then barely any brown all day for 2 days now. i don't know what to think because i am supposed to start clomid on day 3 also. so you guys think i should count those as the start of my period?


ema52 - October 21

tk07, I'm just going to go with what tanner789 suggested and take it. I tried calling my doctor but they did not return my call. What I may also do is call the pharmacist and ask him. good luck! let me know what you decide to do and I'll catch up to you on Monday.


Tenk - October 21

I would just start taking it then...Af came today finally and I started the clomid tonight. I will probably only do 3 cycles if it doesn't work, and then give my body a 3-6 month break and then maybe try again with the clomid. There are tons of threads on here some older than others where women have used clomid and succeed...GL


lady-in-waiting - October 21

I just finished with my first round two days ago. days 3-7. 100 mg per day. I woke up in the night with a drenched nightgown on days 5,6, and 7. Otherwise, all else feels pretty normal. No mood swings. No sore breasts, no swelling of abdominal region. I DO feel twinges in both of my ovaries from time to time.


tk07 - October 21

yeah, i think i will start it. the only thing throwing me off still is i do bbt charts as well and my temp has not dropped low, yet it isn't real high either. so i just thought it was early spotting. but last month i only had brown since i didn't ovulate. anyways, thank you and good luck to you all!!!


audreyh - October 22


I staretd Clomid this month and I am on 50mg for days 2-5. I didn't have any side effects except that I felt a little weepy. Not a big deal. I have been charting myself and thought that I woudl ovulate this Monday which would be day 14, but I had an HSG on Friday (ugly test by the way!!) and ovulated the next day on Saturday. Unfortuantely since it wasn't planned we weren't able to do the IUI this month so we are just going it the natural way and hoping that I'll get pregnant. If not, we'll be more prepared for ovulation adnd IUI date next month. Let me know how it goes with you on Clomid once you start.



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