First Round of Clomid . . .
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chorona - July 19

Hey Susan,

How are things coming along with you? You should be on cd11. Have you gone in for an u/s and b/w to see what's going on with your follies?

Today is cd10 for me. I took 5mg letrozole cd3-7. I went in for my u/s and b/w today and it looks like things are progressing quite nicely. They found 2 follies on my right 15mm and 13.5mm and 1 follie on my left 16mm. I have to go in every day now for monitoring. This looks like we'll be doing the IUI this week!! I'm so excited and I have a very good feeling about this one. With clomid my cycle dragged on and by the time I ovulated the eggs had been sitting there for 2 weeks, which is why I think the pregnancy didn't stick. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the one!

Updte me on what's going on with you!!!!


susan4988 - July 21

Hello! i am on cd12 today. tomorrow i go in for a f/s. i have had no b/w. when i go to dr thurs for iui i am going to ask for copies of my records, i want to get a second opinion. my current dr just isn't doing much. minimal monitoring. he didn't even want to do anything this month. he and his partner claim they can not find my ovaries. of course i don't think they are trying that hard either. i am anxious to see what my f/s shows tomorrow.

i am so excited for you! i hope everything goes your way for you! what day do you think you will be doing iui? mine is tenatively planned for thursday. we'll see. . . . .

i'll drop you a line tomorrow or thursday to let you know how i make out. good luck to you!!


chorona - July 21

Hi Susan,

Today is CD12 and I just got back from the clinic. I have 1 follie on my left at 24mm and 1 follie on my right at 20mm! They're the perfect size so we'll be doing the first IUI tomorrow and a second IUI on Friday to up our chances. My nurse is really pleased with the progress so far. She said that this is the optimal scenario for an IUI because the sperm can go to either ovary and find a good egg. She'll also be giving me Ovidrel tomorrow to trigger ovulation so that the follies don't get too big.

You should definitely get a second opinion. How can they not find your ovaries. They're in there so what's their problem? You need a doctor tha twill be straight with you and give you the best advice possible. I hope that you do your IUI this week as well so we can be on the 2ww together.:)



susan4988 - July 21

hi chorona! well i didn't have as good of luck as you today. i do have 2 follies on the right, none on the left. the 2 that i have are both measuring at 7mm. so doing nothing now, i have to call tomorrow and schedule a repeat f/s next week. i am going to schedule it for either monday afternoon or tuesday. then i can do the iui on either tuesday or wednesday, depending on when i get the f/s done. i am really getting frustrated with this dr. he just doesn't seem to be very aggressive, at least aggressive enough for my likings. i definitley want to get a 2nd opinion, but think i will wait to get my records after this cycle is complete, either iui is done, or i am a bust. i don't want to piss the dr off and get even crappier service. if that makes sense. i am afraid that waiting till next week will be to late, that i will have already ovulated. that's what happened the last time he waited a week to do a repeat f/s. we'll see what happens and go from there. personally, i don't think the clomid is working for me. yes it is producing follies, but they are not maturing. i think something else needs to be done. some different medicine and more monitoring!

i am so glad to hear that things are going well for you. hopefully my turn will be next. maybe will at least be in the 2ww together for a week. that wouldn't be to bad. i would love to keep in better touch you. would you be willing to trade email addresses? i check my email so much more often than i do this. let me know what you think. have a good one and chat with you soon.



chorona - July 22

Hi Susan,

I'm so sorry that you are not getting what you need from your doctor. I can imagine how frustrated you and your DH must be. I did one round of Clomid and even though I had 2 good follies, the cycle dragged on and I didn't ovulate until cd21. With Letrozole, on cd10 I already had 16mm follies. Definitely try Letrozole. I've read everywhere that women who have PCOS a lot of times don't respond well to Clomid but are successful with Letrozole. For you next cycle you should try it. I did 5mg cd3-7.

Send me your email and we can definitely keep in touch that way.

Baby dust!


susan4988 - July 22

hey chrona! my email is kookie4988 at . drop me a line and we'll chat more.


Emma5151 - February 2

I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Clomid) -
I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.


I want to be a mommy - April 23

Hi everyone I new to this site and I really need some adivce I've been trying for a baby for four years but nothing happened...I'm on my third pill of cliomid and I'm really hoping this works...I've been with my husband for four years and I'm trying to complete my family can anyone give me some advice


Nikki101 - April 25

I want to be a mommy, have you gone to the doctor to find out what's the problem? I know you must be stessed out, i know how you feel. Iv'e been trying for almost two years, i plan to just go ahead and try IVF in the fall.Goodluck, keep us posted.


I want to be a mommy - April 26

They said all my blood work came back normal I just have inregular periods so I must not ovulate all te time idk, but I just finished my cloimd 50mg on the 24th so Im so hoping I get pregnant I also been taking prenatal pills also just for that extra push but we will see :) baby dust to all


I want to be a mommy - April 26

I took an ovulation text today and they both came out positive :) but I don't understand it's only been 7 days after I took my first dose but I'm defferently not going to get upset lol...I hope this is it ladies wish me luck :) baby dust to all!!!!!!


Nikki101 - April 27

Yea for sum reason d opk show ur ovulation earlier than what you are i was the same way when i took 50mg of clomid to do my iui cycle, and it turned out i ovulated later than wat the opk had detected.


I want to be a mommy - April 28

Did u end up pregnant...i had several positives tho I just don't understand


Nikki101 - April 28

No i dnt get pregnant, im just gone go ahead n do ivf in the fall. Gudluck to you.


I want to be a mommy - April 29

Thx...but were just going to keep bd and hopefully I get a bfp...he has two kids from his ex so I hope it dont take us long, if it dont round don't work I'll be on to the next round of clomid lol!! I have a obgyn apt march 18th


I want to be a mommy - May 4

Today I finilly got a smilely face on my ovulation test I had sex yesterday and today!!! I hope I get a bfp in a couple weeks baby dust to all



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