first response neg. on clomid - help please!!
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waitinforalittleone - March 11

I started clomid this month and wsa told to take a pregnancy test on day 27 and did and it was neg. :( my cycles are usually 31 days so should i be expecting it sooner b/c of the medicine? i am still hoping as i have the last 14 months but it is real hard to keep my hopes up when people around me are getting pregnant without having to go through any of this!! maybe somone will answer this and give me some ease ....thanks !


June - March 11

I am so sorry for your pain. I can't pretend that I know much about clomid but I know enough. I would suggest waiting a couple of days..maybe you just recently implanted and it hasnt given you enough HGC yet to detect. I hope it works out for you sweetie. I know life is unfair but your blessed because you have option...will make the child you will have all the more special . keep your chin up! :) let me know how it progresses


babyloves2play - March 11

Hi waitinforalittleone, I too have a 31 day cycle and I am now on day 28. I'm also on clomid @ 100mg days 5-9. Sadly clomid can cause you to ovulate later than usual. I believe I ovulated between day 18 and day 22. I did a pregnancy test today and was neg. Won't be able to pick up hcg until after implantation which occurs around 5 to 10 days after fertilization. So don't give up! I suggest testing every other day since hcg doubles every two days after implantation. Probably just too early to detect it yet. I hope this info helps!! Good luck & lots of babydust.


KDR - March 11

Hi! Don't get too discouraged. I know what you are going through. I have been ttc as long as you about 14 months. I just completed my 1st cycle of clomid also at 50 mg days 5-9. I ovulated on day 16 and I knew b/c I used an opk, plus I felt it! I have been having anovulatory cycles since march 2005 b/c of getting off the birthcontrol pill. Took a hpt on cd 31 and it was negative also. I read that most women that respond to clomid get pg w/ in 3-6 cycles of it. If not, you know there are other options. Don't give up! Take care! :-)


Ann - March 11

Most people that say clomid changes their cycles say that it makes them longer. Do you know when you Oed? The hpt should give you a BFP if it is 14 days past your O. I hope this helps. Sorry about the BFN. I know how tough it is. Try to hang in there--you still have hope this cycle! Good luck.


cmelissa - March 11

Hey guys,
I know how you are feeling. I'm trying my 3rd cycle of Clomid this month, the past 2 were unsuccesful. I'm hoping 3 is a charm! Kepp your head up ! Hopefully this will be the year for all of us!


waitinforalittleone - March 15

End of day 31 and still no sign of AF, usually my boobs are real sore a few days before but haven't been and usually get mild cramps few days before and none, husband says could be a "good" side effect of all this medicine? - taken total of 3 first response tests and all BFN - last one on day 29, can anyone help me calm my nerves please?!?


not me yet - March 15

when did you ovulate? MY doc said dont test before 14 days after ovulation or I might get a false negative. Clomid never changed my cycles they were the same as always in length. If you are normally day 31 and its still no af I say wait 2 more days and retest since hcg doubles every 2 days. If your negative today you probably wont have enough hcg tomorrow so take another on thursday if no af. baby dust


TC - March 15

Clomid made my cycles longer, and every time I tested I also got a BFN. I'm sorry I don't have a success story for you. I took clomid for three cycles; responded very well to the medication, but still not PG. The higher your progesterone level gets the later your period will be if it shows at all. The higher progesterone level means you had a good ovulation, so there is a positive note. I hope you get a BFP, but be prepared in any case for AF. It was hard as hell for me to realize that clomid wasn't the magic pill for me and I am the perfect candidate for it. My sister even got PG using clomid after trying for 5 years. Good luck! I'm sorry to come across as such a downer.


waitinforalittleone - March 15

I wish i knew when i ovulated but this was the first month i didn't use opk's because the doc told us to have sex on days 10-18, and we did every other day so i can't say and can't calculate when i ovulated - i will use the opk's if nothing has happened this month! still hoping!


waitinforalittleone - March 16

Well, end of day 32 and nothing yet, although i did get some minor cramping in my left lower abdomen today? i just know that i am probably not pregnant- ikeep hoping but every other time i have tested and got a BFN it has been true , trying to keep my hopes up! anyone have something similar to them?


TC - March 16

IF you get AF just make sure to do the OPK's next month. They really helped me a lot. I had no idea if and when I ovulated before I tried them. It makes you feel so much better being able to write everything down to reference later and to see how long your luteal phase is, etc... I just bought a fertility monitor so we could be even more precise on the date of the big O. Keep your chin up!


Ashleyg - March 17

chins up ladies! my dh and i had been trying to get pregnant for well over a year when i finally started my first round of clomid. i took 50mg on days 5-9 and i didnt ovulate until around cd20. i got my first faint positive on a first response on cd 32, i could harldly see the line. i am now 10 weeks, and i have had 2 ultrasounds and things are going very well...i know it is hard but those fertility docs really do know how to work miracles. good luck to everyone!


waitinforalittleone - March 19

End of Day 35 and still no clue what is going on- took a first response on friday ( day 34) and negative- cycles usually 31 days - they have been 33 twice since we have been trying - am i pregnant or is clomid making my cycle longer? help please?!!


babyloves2play - March 19

Hi waitinforalittleone, it's me again and I am having the same problem as you. Now on cd 36 and no sign of af showing yet. Did hpt yesterday (cd35) and it was negative. I believe I ovulated around cd 20 to 22 so tomorrow may just be 14 dpo. Not sure what to do. Keep hoping that I'm pregnant but I know I'm probably not so now I'm just waiting for my af. Can be very depressing. I haven't had a cycle this long in years. So hang in there. ~*~*Babydust*~*~


babyloves2play - March 19

And yes, I believe clomid does make your cycles longer. It sure did for me this month. Cycle usually around 31 to 35 days and now I'm past day 36.


waitinforalittleone - March 19

Hi, babyloves2play, i have never had a cycle this long and i have been reading on the internet that you should go to see the doctor after day 36 because you might have to take medicine to make af come if not pg- could be misleading though i guess, also i have had some cramping that is sharper than af cramps but only last about a minute or two and go away? also got a little nauseated tonight while eating dinner- this could be me just hoping it finally happened but i am not sure- on one hand i am excited it hasn't come- on the other i am thinking i am not pg- babydust to you!!



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