First RE appointment coming up ..........
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Chas - February 7

Well, the past two months I was going to try the intracervical insemination at my OB's office, but both months it has fallen on a weekend! Now I am getting impatient and just want to go ahead and get started at a fertility clinic. Our first appt is Feb. 28th. I kind of want to wait to maybe try the ICI but then again, should I just go ahead and try IUI ??? dunno.... any advice ???


aish - February 7

do u have unexplained infer. or what . r u trying for long ....i went to inf. clinic after 6 moths trying in our OB clinic...she only said to go to see RE...i think it good if u have made an appointment...


Chas - February 7

We have been trying 2 years. I miscarried after ttc for 14 mos now it has been 10 mos, no new pregnancy. Dh has a low count.



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