First pregnancy, looking for others to discuss! :)
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Blakey - March 23

Hi everyone! I was very excited after testing positive on Feb. 26 with my very first pregnancy!!! YAY DH and I have been TTC for 5 years now. I was successful after my 2nd IFV/ICSI attempt. I am still in denial, and it feels like a dream. I am feeling so much right now, excited, happy, and a little scared too! I Have gone on different IVF threads to try and join, and be a part of what I am experiencing now, but I feel that their is already a bond between a lot of the girls, (they have been together and chatting for quite sometime,) and I find it tough to be a new contender, and not being able to keep up with conversations etc... If anyone would like to talk about being pregnant for the 1st time, I would love to chat. Hope to hear from you!! :) All the best!


Chas - March 23

Hi Blakey, It's so nice to hear of somone who has had such a long journey finally get a BFP! I wish you all the luck in the world. Maybe you should try the first trim. board, maybe talk with some of them. I know a lot of us on here are still trying and are having trouble getting our BFP's.
Best wishes for a healthy and happy 9 months !!


Tink - March 23

hi Blakey- i'll join you here too in addition to the ivf thread. congrats again! i am a first timer too! have you been sick yet? my m/s started 2 weeks ago and is so bad. i am just nauseous all the time- not throwing up. but i almost think it would feel better if i was barfing, ya know? other than that, i am just really tired and still really bloated. i've been bloated since 2 dpt. i bought some bella bands today to wear some of my pants unbuttoned to be more comfy!


Blakey - March 23

Hi Tink,
Thanks so much, it's just great to be able to share feelings of preg. symptoms etc... Congrats to you as well!!! Sorry about your morning sickness. This past week, I started to experience first signs of it. I'm like you, not throwing up at all, but just trying to figure out what will taste good. My taste buds are off, and it's even hard for me to drink water. I know how improtant it is to take in the extra calories, I am just afraid I am not getting enough. I have been drinking gingerale, and apple juice with lots of ice, that does seem to help, but again, feel as though I have to force it. I also have been very tired. It's hard for me in the afternoon- that is when it hits me. I am still on the progesterone injections, so I know that is contibuting. Tink, how many weeks are you? I am 8 weeks as of today. Sure enough, that is when my nurse told me I would start to exp. symptoms of m/s - it is different for everyone though, I know some exp. symptoms very early on.
Thanks for jumping on this board..look forward to hearing how your doing!!! Are you still on prog. support? I am bloated too, ever since ER.


JB0405 - March 24

HI BLAKEY!! My first pregnancy too, sort of! I had a m/c last summer BUT that went downhill FAST and my numbers were sooooo low at that time. I am scared too! I have u/s #2on Monday and I am soooooooooooo nervous that something isn't right. I had symptoms but they kind of went away somewhat! I still have slightly sore nips! I have been suffering with a BAD headache for the past 2-3 days... I know headaches are a symptom too BUT, I am stillnervous. Around the middle of the 2nd month, I was queasy everyday and that has stopped, although the adversion to food smells is still kind of there. Sorry for rambling on like this! I am just about 8 weeks along!


Sonyamac - March 24

Congratulations! We conceived in October 2005 through IUI. We are noe trying it again, this is my second month and all looks good. RE will make a referral for IVF if this doesn't work. they will only do it four times. When i became pregnant with ART I was shocked as well. It was on my 3 cycle of IUI...I didn't think it would happend but it did! I never really had morning sickness, but felt awful, I kept testing. It was well past 20 days that the I got BFP! I never really felt sick except when I took my Prenantal Vitamins. My friend recommended Preg-Vit, the vitamin pill is taken in the am and the mineral pill in the eveing,...that way your body doesn't deplete the clacium and it is much easier to stomach, and gives less headaches! So happy for you. I am hoping for a BFP with the next IUI! Enjoy every minute, it goes by so fast! Our son is almost 8 months old.


Blakey - March 24

Hi JB & Sonymac!
Congratulations to you both also!! JB, sounds like those are all normal symptoms of morning sickness. My sister-in law got terrible migrane headaches during her pregancy, I heard they are quite common. I too, have very sore b's- it hurts when I sleep, and turn over at night, i can empathisize. The nausea is starting to effect me too, as I was telling Tink. myu taste buds are off, and I never know what will taste good. My fear is that I am not taking in enough calories. Don't worry about your u/s I am sure everything is just right! Everything your feeling right now is very common. I understand, I am nervous too. I had my 1st u/s last week with RE- but they released me that day, I made my apt. with my new oBGYN, and that apt. is not until April 20th!! They usually don't see pt.s until they are at 12 weeks, (I was 8 on Friday)- so I am nervous going so long without knowing anything. i am just praying everything is fine, but I do get scared. Trying not to read into every little thing, but it's hard, I think It's because we are experiencing this for the first time..and we can't help not think about different things. Good luck with you u/s, it will be excitng for you to see your little ones heartbeat, and hear it too!! :)

Sony, that is awesome re: your success story with your DS, congratulations!!! I am sure it was a wonderful surprise for you when you heard you were positive, that is how I felt,...very similar to your feelings, I was starting to doubt if it was ever going to happen. Somedays,. it feels like a dream...partly because we have not told our family, or a lot of our friends. We did tell my Dad last week, and tonight I am having dinner with my best friend, me and DH are going to their house for dinner, so I will tell her tonight.
Good luck with your nest IUI- I wish you another BFP!!!! Thanks for your kind words. :)


GoGo Trigger - March 24

Hi guys, I'll join you here. I'm 8 weeks with triplets and have no m/s whatsoever--feel a little sick if I don't eat right when I get hungry. My boobs are huge and sore most of the time and I need a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. That's about it, other than food pickiness. I also don't have much energy a lot of the time :D



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