First positive OPK ever... what todo now?
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L - May 16

Hi all, I came off of the BCP in January 05, I had my first af on cd 49, I am now on cd 77 (sucks to be me) - I've had all kinds of test done from blood to a pelvic u/s - everything is "normal" so all PCOS etc has been ruled out for now. However... good news... yesterday - on cd 76 I got my first positive OPK - and it was a big positive!!! I was soooo happy. I tested again at 11 am this morning, it was positve too and at 9pm today, it was negative. First question - is this normal? And, now what? We bd'd on Friday, Saturday, Today (Sunday) - should we keep bding until cd 79? Any advice??? Thanks in advance for all the help and insight!!!


Melissa - May 16

Hi L. You should try at least 2 more days. That should cover it. The OPK only tells you that you're going to O within 24-36 hours so, you needed to catch it within that 24-36 hours then a day or 2 following. However, many people say you should only have intercourse every other day. So, it's up to you if you want to try every day or every other day. Also, your cycles my be so irregular just because you're still coming off bc.


L - May 16

Thanks Melissa! I guess we still have 2 more busy nights!!!



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