First Period After Miscarriage...OUCH!
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m - November 23

I had 2 miscarriages in a row recently, without waiting a full cycle in between pregnancies. So I am just now experiencing my first period. The cramping is out of this world. The pain had me doubled over yesterday. The flow isn't that heavy, but I am hurting worse than I have ever hurt! Has anyone experienced this? I'm wondering if it is normal, or possibly a sign that my body didn't clean itself out as well as I had thought. Anyone have any input, or experience to share? Thanks!


wife and mother in NC - December 6

I, too, am experiencing the same pain... this was our first miscarriage... our daughter is 6 years old. I didn't know if it was cramping, gas, or infection....


Tiffany, SC - January 4

I had my second miscarriage (this time twins) about six weeks ago and started my first period two days ago. First day - barely bleeding - horrible cramping in the stomach, lower back and legs - last night doubling over in pain. Today bad cramping, but very heavy bleeding.


Rach - February 1

I am sorry you're all feeling so bad but have to say I'm glad it's not just me. This is my first period since my miscarriage 7 weeks ago and the bleeding is havier than usual and I have a really sore tummy. I don't usually get any bother so at first I thought I had food poisoning or something.
It's also been going on for 5 days now and my periods usually only last 2-3 days, I'm getting a bit worried


penny - February 11

glad to know you're all out there to help with this. it's my first period after a miscarriage. the bleeding is unusually heavy (I've had 2 "accidents" in 24 hrs.) and the cramps are lasting longer than usual, too. my doctor didn't prepare me for this possibility. guess I'll just take it easy and wait for things to settle down. thanks


Sharon - February 12

Still waiting for my period after miscarriage on January 19th. (at 5.5) weeks. We had sex around Feb. 1-3 (I thought I was ovulating). Could I be pregnant again?


Di from PA - February 20

I just got my period today for the first time since my miscarriage about six weeks ago. I am noticing lots of painful cramps too and the bleeding seems very different from my normal periods.


stacey - March 3

Were your period normal, or brown and light like spotting? I had a m/c on Jan 28th, and had spotting- dk. brown lots of cervial mucus (brown as well), but only when I wiped. No sure if this was a period or not.


BJ - March 6

I had miscarriage 10\22\04 but baby remains did not come out till 2\22\05. Had very severe pains and very heavy bleeding although flow wasn't very heavy at first. That was the first real bleeding I did since miscarriage. Haven't had a period again yet. I would go to doc and see if D&C is needed


Amber, MD - March 12

I started my first period yesterday since my miscarriage at the beginning of Feb. and not too much cramping, but A LOT more bleeding then usual. I thought I was the only one...


Jodi - September 16

I am having my 1st period since a miscarriage 6 weeks ago. I am on day 4 (I have always had heavy periods that last about 5 days) but this one does seem different. Cramping is lasting longer, more painful and more clots than usual-it is reminding me of the miscarriage. I am wondering if maybe my body is still passing product from the miscarriage?


person - March 5

everythings on track, breast are sore, i broke out in ance a little bit a few days ago and what not, cramps and my period, but my flow isnt as heavy as it usually is when i start, and im just a bit nervous about it all because a long story, but i had sex without a condom last month, but i did it ON the DAY i started my period and ah i dont know. is it normal, because i really do not want to be pregnant or anythign


Janice UK - March 6

I am in exactly the same boat as everyone else. I started period today after m/c 7 wks ago. Not as heavy as normal at first but had terrible back wind pains. Needing this as have been bloated for almost 3 wks - hands, abdomen and feeling crap. Hope this will get me back to normal and ready to try again, Baby dust to all who are wanting babies so bad!



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