First OPK test positive, now what??? HELP PLEASE!!!!!
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kare21162 - March 4

My cycle days are usually 30-32 days long and I tested today the 13th day of my cycle, like the OPK said to. Well I took the test at noon today and it was positive LH surge, the test line was darker than the reference line and by the directions it was positive and I should ovulate in the next 24 to 36 hours or so. But the thing that makes this confusing is that this was the first day of testing, so how do I know that yesterday I didn't have the LH surge present??? We had sex on the 1st and this morning, so I should be good, or should I do it again tonight????


leah - March 4

Because you arent familiar with how you respond to the opks keep bd'ing for a few more days. If sperm count is ok every day and if there are sperm issues try every 36 hours. When I get my surge I ovulate about 48 hours + days later (varified by my ultrasounds). I seem to catch the real beginning of my surge but ovulate later than they suggest. I would also keep using your opk to see what happens the next few days. See if it is as dark or if it goes away. Try and learn about your cycle as much as possible so if it doesnt work this month you have more to go on next month. Keep a diary of the dates and what the time was you took it and make sure you always take it within a 24 hour period or it is possible to miss the search (rare but possible). Check out and they give you other ideas also. Do you take your bbt also? Once you have a definate shift up in temp for a couple days it will mean you have ovulated. If you dont see that shift you havent yet ovulated. Learn to check your mucous and cervical postion to give you more info as to ovulation time.


medas04 - March 4

you should have sex today and for the next couple of days to make sure you cover all should ovulate by then so if i were you i would have sex till mon or tues....good luck....babydustbabydust......


Thuma - March 5

Do it again tonight and tomorrow and the next day to be safe. Ovulation can occur up to 48 hours or so after pos LH> Good Luck!!!!


kare21162 - March 5

I have taken OPK's before, but that was when I didn't know how long my cycles would be or what to look for. I have been tracking my cycles since July 2005, so about 8 months. I have learned what the cervix does and the mucous consistency. My real question was that this was the first day that I took the OPK and it was positive so I am wondering if maybe it was present yesterday? I still don't have any egg white mucous. If we don't concieve this month, then I will check his sperm count with a home test. I am currently taking Evening Primrose Oil, for about a week. And I have ordered FertilAID for men for my honey just to keep things good.


CM - March 5

I had a positive opk for 2 days in a row and I conceived after bding on the night of the first pos. Dh had to go out of town but it still worked. I hope this is your month! Also, don't use lubricants or saliva(tmi, sorry). It can kill sperm. I never knew that and I used Preseed for the first time and conceived. Good luck to you all!


kare21162 - March 5

Yeah, I hope this is my month. I'm concerned that he has "lazy" sperm. He's a bigger guy and I swear he doesn't eat right. That's why I ordered FertilAID for him. I am going to continue to take the OPK's everyday, just to see how long it will last.



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