First IUI and so many questions
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Maybebaby - February 20

I have done 3 rounds of Clomid and just had my first IUI this past Wednesday. My blood test is not scheduled until 3/1/06 and the wait is killing me. I know it is way too soon to have any symtoms but I have really been extremely nauteous all weekend. Is that possible? Is there a test that accurately gives an early reading?


J - February 20

Hi Maybe...I got pregnant from my first IUI and I started having symptoms about 5 days after the IUI, but they may have been from the HCG trigger shot that I had instead of the pregnancy. I wasn't nauseous, but I was extremely tired and my breasts were very sore. It even hurt to take a shower because they hurt so badly. Also, I was able to see very prominent blue veins in them. My nipples started getting a lot darker and started developing little bumps. I think it is too early for you to test...I would wait until at least 10 or 11 days post IUI. I tested positive at 13 days afterward, but I had to wait that long to be sure that the HCG shot was out of my system and didn't cause a false positive. Good luck!


Lilly2 - February 21

Hi girlls, I had my first iUI on friday and now waiting for progesterone test this friday.Maybe baby, I am on clomid round 3 and this riday had my first IUI too.My doctor said, wait 14 days then test.If you didnt have trigger shot, than you can test early with good PT or blood test.Question for J Have you been on clomid or injectible and how many follies you had?If you had trigger shout when your doctor did IUI, how many hours latter?I am worried that nurse inseminate me to early.Trigger was 8 am and IUI same day 1pm!!!!!!They prefer semen to wait before O.I am totally flat with no any feelins what will happend.Wishing you happy 9 months and Maybe baby good luck and baby dust to you.


Elyse - February 21

Hi Maybe, your best bet is to wait til 10 or 11 dpiui and use the dollar store tests. you can get them at the Dollar Tree - and I found them yesterday and this off the wall store called Conway for 99 cents! It's not worth it to use the expensive ones that give you a reading 5 days before af is due b/c the hcg may still be in your system. Anyway, I am 12 dpiuui today and have had bfn's for 3 days now and I have no hope left that I am pg this cycle. Hoping for af to come soon so I can start again. Next cycle of IUI will be my 4th. By the way, when I became pg with my daughter, I had no symptoms whatsoever. The nausea may just be nerves. There isn't enough HCG in your system from a pg right now to cause that. Are you feeling better now?


J - February 21

Hi Lilly2...I took Arimidex (similar to Femara) instead of Clomid because my RE prefers it, and I also did injectibles (Follistim). I ovulate normally, but the RE wanted me to produce more eggs to give us a better chance (our issue was my husband's motility and morphology). I produced at least two eggs, and possibly 3, but only one was fertilized. I had my trigger shot 24 hours before the IUI. That does sound very strange that they did yours only 5 hours later. I've never heard that's usually 24 to 36 hours later. They wanted mine to be as close to 24 hours as possible. Good luck ,and keep us posted.


lilly2 - February 22

Thank you J, You are right, I havent heard yet someone had IUI like me, 5 hours latter !!!!!!I had contact with other girlls and averyone said the same like you, wich must be than right.There is nothing that I can do then wait and next time Ill be very angry with nurse if she suggesting again the same procedure.Ill be more prepared to fight for what I am paying for.Will inform you soon and Good luck to you J, God bless all.



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