First IUI Advice
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Georgiatoo - September 26

Hi there everyone, I'm 36 and just had my first IUI on 9.17. It looks like two weeks will be 10.1. Do I really have to wait the full two weeks? We've been trying for two years...on 9.17 we had two decent size follices after 100 mg. of Clomid and we used ovudrel to ovulate and sperm count etc. was good. No one can seem to find any reason why we have been unable to concieve - any advice on the whole IUI waiting process? Thanks!


dea - September 28

The tww is because the Ovidrel will leave hormones in your system that can give you a "false" positive w/ a hpt. With me- the meds were usually out 7-8 days into the tww. But, everyone is dfferent. You can check to see if it's gone by using an opk strip. If it gives you a darker second line- then the hormone is still in your body. No line?? Take a hpt... Just don't put too much into it. GL with this tww--- I know how torturous it can be. ~~DUST~~



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