First BFP?!!!!!!!
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pj - May 28

Guess what , I am on CD 58-59 of 60, God, I am confused. Hadnt got my Af, so was going to start provera. I contacted my doc on phone, she said, I should take a precautionary test before, starting I did...and got two lines.
I dont know whether to believe it because, I have PCOS, i started one cycle of Clomid-50..I didnt ovulate..was upped to CLomid 100. DH said we should do one natural cycle, before starting Clomid-100...I cribbed, fought etc..etc. uttimately gave in and did not have I have BFP
The only thing is that my test said I should read results within 5 minutes...and I might have taken 6 or 7 minutes...I was not using a digital, as I was sure I would get a BFN.....Now I am totally ................I guess stunned


sas - May 28

Wow congratulations that's amazing! I love hearing these stories because it gives me hope! so how long are your cycles normally? any idea what CD you ovulated on? I'm too on 1st round of clomid 50g which did not work. Am now on cd35 but my temp did go up on on cd27 so according to my charts i am currently 9dpo.


wannabeamom - May 28

Congrats pj! That is very exciting news. It soundslike you did the right thing by testing again! Keep us informed on your pg progress!


pj - May 29

Thanks still has not sunk in. I was so sure, I would have to go for another clomi cycle, that I had already purchased the next month's dose.
sas I had a varying length cycle, which was minimum 35 days.I never did sorry I cant give any insights....the only scary thing in all this is that I nearly had provera...the test was a last minute thought. Oh and I went for my u/s , the foetus is just above 4 weeks, and only the sac is visible,,,,so I guess I must have ovulated late


Kirk - May 29

Congratulation PJ!! I am very excited for you!! I am in my 6 week, and am still stunned as well!! It is very exciting!! I took one cycle of clomid and couldn't believe the BFP!!! What a very exciting time!!!


pj - May 30

Congrats Kirk..When you say you are 6 weeks, do you means 6 means counted from last Af or 6 weeks from conception. my last Af was on April 2nd, so that could technically make me 8 weeks, but I have extra long cycles , so the conception must have happened way late. So have you gone for your first u/s


Kirk - May 30

HI PJ, Well my last AF was April 13th, but I know I O on May 1st or 2nd. I too ovulate a little late. So I am just going by the first day of my lmp. So we are pretty close. I go for my first u/s on Thursday. I am so excited and can't wait. How are you feeling??


pj - June 1

I am feeling fine, except I am generally tired, almost exhausted...and yesterday, I had to get up at night, because I felt about you, any morning doc warned me that it mostly kicks in much later..and I should nt feel too happy that I am one of the lucky few who escaped....Also, since my lmp was April 2 and I have a minimum of 35 days cycle, i should have ovulated around two weeks before the next Af, i.e. around CD 21, that should make ovulation around, April 23/24..doc says sac shows around 4 and a half weeks as its approx age..??


central - June 1

I am glad to hear another BFP I got my BFP a month ago from the doctor, now im 10 weeks/4 days


pj - June 2

congrats central....I was actually following your progress on some other the way, have you had you ultrasound...??And Kirk, how did yours go..?



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