First Appt with Fertility Doc
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Mellie - January 2

We are ready to admit there is likely a problem and to schedule an appt. with a fertility specialist. (I have PCOS.) Can anyone tell me what usually happens at the first appt? I'm thinking that I'll make my husband go with me.


gmh - January 2

Mellie... you have taken a big step in a good direction... I would diffenitly take husband or someone.. to the first appt. you will proably get alot of info... that is overwhelming. I like the second set of ears, and also that way he also hears what is going on... as for what happen... it is mostly talking a your option and the different ways to go about getting pg. Then the RE will proably just set up BW and possible u/s two thing that happen alot in the process... Good Luck.....


Tink - January 2

i agree, get your DH to go. Mine went and he hates going to the doc. The RE asked DH questions it helps. I had already done all the testing possible through my ob/gyn- including 2 semen analysis for DH, a dye test for tube check for me and multiple bloodwork and vaginal u/s. The RE sat us down, hear our history and reviewed our test results. unexplained for us. he gave us four options, which i found helpful. we chose to start with IUI plus clomid (i had taken clomid alone for 4 months). he also recommended a lap, which i did later on (october) after 2 failed IUIs. just have your questions prepared.....including financial questions, timing, what type of monitoring they provide etc. good luck!


Mellie - January 2

Thanks for the helpful information! What is RE? (Reproductive Expert?) Also, my dr. mentioned an u/s dye test to me once. What does this involve? I had a vaginal ultrasound once years ago when they diagnosed my PCOS. Is it like that?


Tink - January 3

Mellie- RE is reproductive endocrinologist---basically a fertility doctor/specialist. the dye test is usually done before starting meds. mine was done at a hospital, they inject dye via a catheder type device- and it was similar to having a pap, but they couldn't find my cervix entrance, so i had to tilt and move and it took forever. most women don't have that issue. it was a little painful. they do an x-ray while the dye is going through your tubes to make sure your tubes are clear and not blocked. it's known as an HSG. the vaginal ultrasound is the most useful tool for the RE during medicated cycles....if they give you clomid, they will usually do an u/s on day 1 to verify you have no cysts. then my RE also does another one about day 7 or so, after i've been on drugs/shots for a few days. they'll see how my follies are growing. then they usually do an u/s every other day to monitor growth until they see you are good to trigger ovulation and do the IUI. so for an IUI cycle, i usually have about 5-7 u/s a month. not fun, but i've gotten used to it. it isn't painful to me either, unless i have lots of follies and then it can hurt a bit, just due to the growth. good luck!


Mellie - January 3

Thanks Tink and gmh!



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