Finished AF and TTC again want to wait
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Mrsarmo - March 3

Hello all, just thought I would start a thread for those who have just finished AF and are starting to ttc again. I think i have just worked out that with my cycle we need to start straight away after AF. Anyway how does everyone feel, i feel lucky this month. Next AF due 21st March. Lets wait together and keep in constatn contact. Baby dust to all


Dee - March 3

hi there! i haven't just finished af, but i did just finish ovulating and i'm now waiting for af to show up. if you dont mind, i'll keep you company on here. i'm 22 and my dh is 23 and we've been trying for about 2 yrs. i have a 28-31 day cycle and a tilted uterus. i think my hubby might have a low sperm count that's causing us to have such a hard time getting pg because he smokes and chews (gross, i know). we haven't really had much testing done because we are still young, but we have agreed that if we haven't gotten pg by this time next year that we'll get started. well good luck and i'll talk to you later!


Dee - March 4

Hi I'll wait with you. I am a Dee too so hopefully it doesnt get confusing. I have been ttc for 6mo. DH and I have been married 6years I am 30 and he will be 31 soon. Next AF for me is March 23rd. I estimate that my fertile time will be the 6th -10th. So we have started the bd'ing every other day. I have just started taking a green tea supplement. What are you doing to help things along?


Mrsarmo - March 6

Hello ladies, hows things. Just to let you know that I am from Australia and I am 27 and DH is 31 and we have been married for 3 years but together for 8years. We have been ttc for around 6 months. I have not been on birth control for 5 years. The doc informed me the other day that alot of couples go to the docter because they have not fallen pregnant and he said that when they talked about it he realised that alot of the time they were not b'ding enough because it is such a short period of time that you can fall pregnant. In my research into concieving i can understand as to why it can be very hard to fall pregnant and why its called a miracle. But it frustrates the hell out of me when you see others who fall pregnant on a one night stand and they do not want children. I have decided that I have to forget about it and let nature take it courses. I am of to the doc on thursday for a check up. Dee 1 the doc i am seeing suggests that after a year of trying if no pregnancy then they will start testing. Dee 2 the only thing i have been taking is folate as everyone should who is planning to fall pregnant and eating a healthy dietand and exercise. My husband and I did a detox in Jan because someone said that a good cleanout can also help. But do not do detox if you think you are pregnant. Any way bady dust to all and will talk soon.


"Dee 1" :o) - March 6

just dropping in to say "hi!". how was everyone's weekend? mine was pretty good, i went to my friend's baby shower on saturday and we hung out most of the day. she's having a little girl and i just fell in love with all of the pink and purple stuff she got. i cant wait until i can go out and buy all that pink and blue stuff! "Dee 2"~i have also been drinking tea to help. i am also taking prenatals and charting my bbt's to help out as well. Mrsarmo~i know what you mean about being frustrated about girls falling pregnant on a one night stand who dont even want kids in the first place and we're over here doing everything we can with no results. that's what happened to one of my friends...she never really wanted kids and she hooked up with this guy a couple of times and got pregnant. the guy even had a paternity test taken cause he thought it wasn't his and even though the test proved it was his daughter he still doesn't help to take care of her. it makes me mad, but there's not much i can do unfortunately. hopefully we'll all get lucky and get bfp's before this year is over though. i've had 2 friends say they think this is my year so i really hope it is! :o) well good luck girls and i'll talk to you later.


Dee - March 7

I just wanted to drop in and say hello. I am due to "O" sometime this week. Does anyone use OPK. This is my first month using and so far I am confused. I am suppose to O on the 9th. Yesterday I had a ton of EWCM but only in the am now nothing really. But nothing showed on the OPK Sunday. I forgot to use it yesterday. My brother's girlfriend just had an oops and this is her second oops. I dont get it!!! Baby Dust to you all!!!



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