Finally saw a new Doc, clomid &met....
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DebbAlvarez - January 5

Well, after seeing a Dr. for about a year and a half with absolutely NO help, we've changed Dr's. The Dr that I was seeing, for the whole year and a half, refused to even let me try clomid and/or metformin. I was so furious because at this time my insurance was running out and I felt like it was my only option. The only thing she did was give me provera for 5 months to innitiate a period....and that was it.

Well, things have changed a lot in the last few months and now I'm finally able to see a new Dr. I told him everything that happened with the other Dr. and he was extremely shocked. He couldn't understand either why she didn't do everything possible to assist me in conceiving.... Anyway, after being checked thoroughly, he has proscribed clomid (50mg days 5-9) and metformin (1000mg daily).

I'm so excited. I took my first pill of provera (to innitiate my period) today, along with my metformin. Last year I never had a good feeling about getting pregnant.....I just knew I wouldn't last year. This year, already, things are different. I have a new faith this year. I have been blessed with patience, understanding, etc. I don't know how to explain the way that I feel, but I just "KNOW" that this is our year. I'm keeping the faith and keeping positive.

Good luck everyone and you're all in my prayers!

With love, Debb



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