Finally got pregnant after 5 years of trying!!!
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lisa_sc - April 23

Just wanted to let you girls know that there is hope. I started taking Femara 2 mths ago and it worked for me. And thank you to all the girls who responded to me, you were a BIG help. If anyone wants to talk, I am here to help. BABYDUST TO YO ALL


kelley32 - April 23

Congratulations!!! You must be ecstatic ... I am so happy for you and wish you the best in the months to come. By the way, I'm often on the First Trimester board if you want to keep in touch.


lisa_sc - April 23

kelley, I think we posted on the same question in the First Trimester board. Aren't you due Dec. 19? I'm also due Dec. 20. We'll have to keep in touch!


Tracy88 - April 23

Congrats! I love hearing when someone gets a BFP. Good luck and have a happy/healthy 9 months!!! Just for info, what do they prescribe Femara for???


lisa_sc - April 23

Femara is another fertility drug similar to Clomid, but with a lot less side effects.


Cloe - April 23

Congratulations Lisa_sc! I am very happy for you! Maybe I should try Femara! After 5 years a BFP! You just gave me hope!


MuzikGurl - April 23

lisa_sc congrats I was beginning to think I was the only one on here that has recently gotten far are you do you know? I am not sure how far along I am I think according to some calculations on here I think I am between 6-7 weeks along...but I could be wrong...don't see the dr, until 5/ how about you??? congrats...=)


kelley32 - April 23

OMG ... sorry, you're right and I didn't even recognize you, I feel like an idiot ...LOL!! I'm finding it a bit rough to really get into those other forums, they're not as special as this one, for some reason ... but I keep trying, and the one that we both posted on seems promising ... will you keep posting in that one? I hope you do because I don't really have anyone else over there.


lisa_sc - April 23

Thank you all so much for the support! Cloe, what are you taking now? How long have you been trying? MuzikGirl, Congratulations! I am 5 1/2 weeks. I don't go to the doctor until 5/ seems like a long time away. You should be due right before kelley and I. You should join our post on the First Trimester board. We can share those doctor appts and symptoms and so forth. It's great having girls on here that's going through the same thing as you. It's great support! And kelley, I agree with you. I've been on this forum for a while, it almost feels like home. Everyone needs to know there is hope after all the frustration. : )


lisa_sc - April 23

Oh muzikgirl...our post is Anybody due in December? (forgot to mention that)


Silent_Wish - April 23

Hello Lisa and congratulations xxxx You mention you used FEMARA what is this and where do u get it from. Someone on another post mentioned VITEX? Its so confusing a lot use OVULEX? Ived just bought 3 bottles and started yesterday although i AM 9 days late and have had 5 neg tests??


lisa_sc - April 23

Hi Silent_Wish. Femara is actually used for breast cancer but doctors are now prescribing it for women with ovulation issues. It has fewer side effects than Clomid. I went to a new doctor that specialized in infertility. I had to go through numerous test and come to find out I was fine, I just wasn't ovulating. I'm not for sure about those other medicines you are talking about but I've heard other people on this forum mention it. How long have you been ttc? If it's been about 6 mths or longer, I would go see a doctor. Also, get the book "Taking charge of your fertility" It's great! It tells you other ways you can check for ovulation. About your period being late, it could be that you ovualted late. How long are your cycles and does your period come the same time every month? I was very irregular. Let me know and good luck.


Silent_Wish - April 24

Hi Lisa thanks for your response my period is normally regular every month and lasts about 4 days. Sometimes heavier than others tho. I have been to the docs and also hospital where they did a preg test and it was neg. They did swabbs and want to do blood tests when im on a mc and when i finish but... i cant do that because ive not had this months yet. How many times has anyone tested neg only to find they ARE pregnant please?.



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